School of the Americas 1 – Policy and warcrimes

2 small clips from “war against the third world what i’ve learned about US foreign policy”. Some music from an old wellknown fulci movie and a clip from the revolution will not be televised and a castro documentary. Part of our South-America month, wich is part of our 2008 foreign policy project. WaarOmeter \ TruthOmeter 2008.

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9 responses to “School of the Americas 1 – Policy and warcrimes”

  1. ccskate

    good information given. thanks

  2. eccolo75

    questo video racconta in parte la strage di El Mozote in cui furono massacrati civili in centro America dalle squadre della S.o.A (school of the Americas) In Usa, all’opinione pubblica veniva detto che questi militari combattevano contro il narco traffico !! Semplicemente un massacro di innocenti. Si salvo’ solo una persona nascondendosi tra i cespugli… fate girare. grazie. saluti

  3. billjoe39

    It is very important for everybody to see this, thanks for posting.

  4. kauffner

    Clinton tried to kill Castro 21 times? Is this video a joke?

  5. funkinkillah

    why do people let this go on.

  6. ruppel1968

    To explain the United States of America…it’s simply a short sequence of “Married…with children”
    Ed o’Neill is in a row in a Supermarket…a fat one is in front of him…situation…he wants to be before her…she said..ey i was here before you…answer…so was the indians!!!

  7. ruppel1968

    @funkinkillah because it’s human…one day this all is over!!! I hope!!!

  8. mcmlxvi

    Very poor, the video does nothing but to reproduce little extracts of what others have research and already put together, the material available about the atrocities of the SOA does not justify the weakness of this video. If you guys call this “warming up” then I assume you’re comming from way below zero.

  9. rickbar123

    Never trust the Right Wing.

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