School Roger Hodgson Supertramp singer & songwriter

School composed & written by Roger Hodgson from the Crime of the Century album. You can see School performed live on Rogers 2010 World Tour go to his website tour page for up to date concert information. Roger Hodgson is recognized as one of the most gifted composers, songwriters and lyricists of our time! As the legendary voice, writer and arranger of most of Supertramps greatest hits that led to more than 60 million record sales, he gave us amazingly enduring songs like: Give a Little Bit, Dreamer, It’s Raining Again, Take the Long Way Home, The Logical Song, Breakfast In America, Fools Overture and so many others that have become the sound track of our lives. If you are a Supertramp fan or a Roger fan get the Take the Long Way Home DVD has it all the best of both worlds. Rick may have kept the name of Supertramp but Roger is the voice and composer of the greatest hits of Supertramp. The Roger Hodgson Store is the only place you can buy directly from the artist and get his autographed CD’s. Go to

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26 responses to “School Roger Hodgson Supertramp singer & songwriter”

  1. helpmeifucann

    the current Supertramp are only seen for the re-creations of a band no more. Would be like Paul and Ringo touring as The Beatles… them what you want, its one member begging for Roger to come home….and he just won’t do it for whatever reason.

  2. swingersonian

    Hodgson > Waters

  3. raymundciesielski

    timeless! That Video made my day!!

  4. vivivavafazesse

    this is music and a great singer, five stars!!!!!

  5. TheDrummerboy911

    supertramp were a great band and dreamer prob , there best song check out my trio maxwell hammer and smith doing a tribute version of this fab song and watch the cartoon along with the words !!

  6. taurusimperium

    great singer

  7. Rollat123

    SUPERTRAMP!!!!! FOREVER!!!!!!!!

  8. keywizard

    What a voice…those high notes…AWESOME!

  9. rockwillnerverdie

    I agree… and some say Mark Hart is better… Roger is a kind of unique artist!!!

  10. MegaKippers

    Roger Hodgson’s music touches so many people. School is such a fun song. One can’t help but dance and clap along. Roger, co-founder of Supertramp, wrote School individually, as Rick wrote his songs individually as well.

  11. neddynevin

    god . brill i was a teenager when this was released. 30 years later still a clasic

  12. ichhabbockaufparty

    such a beautiful music. great. greatgreatgreat.

  13. virandan

    great music will be always great no matter what…

  14. Hannover1980

    Guild guitars at their bests! I love his 12 string! I love Hodgson!

  15. Starlitblond

    oh yeah…

  16. Vanderlei814

    Is beautiful é quanto tempo

  17. Starlitblond

    If I was his wife I would be a bit worried about the woman.. I mean he is soooo fine…

  18. Starlitblond

    oooooooohhhhh,… you’re comin along…

  19. larmarquez

    I’m going to see Roger Hodgson in concert on March 27 (one night only in the U.S. at pechanga, Temecula, ca). Can’t wait.

  20. GenesisAfterglow

    it is not classic-it is hyper classic…………it will be great in 50 years too

  21. GenesisAfterglow

    it ist not classic-it is hyper classic……one of the all-time-bests

  22. MsEndersgame

    This is one of my all time favorites. Roger sounds better than ever after all these years. I love this video. I think Roger is so happy because he is doing what he loves. I’m so glad he is finally getting his due credit for all his amazing songs without the Supertramp name. When you’ve got the hits and the voice that made them famous, what else could you need. Love you Rog! Wishing you tons of success on your tour this year.

  23. tete3002

    @keywizard i love

  24. pootietangh

    ST must still be crying their eyes out that he left the band. But also, Roger Hodgson was the drive behind the band. it was Rogers drive, hard work, 16 hour days, composing, demos, mixing, technical direction and producing that catapulted Supertramp to Super-stardom. Sadly, Roger Hodgson didnt get credited for who he was and what he did. close fans call Roger to this day, “Mr. Supertramp”.

  25. norberth71

    Scoprivo questa musica nel pieno dell’età adolescenziale, attorno ad un falò ha meditare sull’origine dell’universo e sul senso della vita………
    Amo quest’uomo e spero che anch’egli possa riconoscere e ricevere come Signore e Salvatore Gesù Cristo di Nazareth.

  26. MsEndersgame

    Feels important to be known that Roger wanted to give us fans a few shows this summer with Rick and the other guys from Supertramp but they never responded to his communications and offered and announced their tour without inviting Roger. Roger loves his fans and always gives us the songs and the voice that we love the most.

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