School – Supertramp – Nice piano solo!

For my friend’s birthday, Vince. Hope you’ll enjoy it! And tell me what you think about it! – damien couture gagnon

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25 responses to “School – Supertramp – Nice piano solo!”

  1. LittleTokyoOff

    excellent and you figured it out by yourself! I have the album book Crime of the Century.

  2. bertmartin1

    very nice young man!

  3. Gigatone00

    Not a fan of the cocky-ness. Lose the attitude and you could be an amazing musician.

  4. damios180

    merci et a la prochaine gigatone00!

  5. bmxrrx

    Bonne fete Vince ! en retard , ok … mais t’a eu un beau cadeau ! merci aussi Damios 180 :o ))

  6. TheHardRock93


  7. damios180

    gracias, merci mark!! i don,t have an internet page like yours, but maybe soon!! i just made a few contacts today in the music industrie, so nice to meet you!

  8. BowzPT


  9. MissAnnPuh

    very good

  10. bearcatcontractor

    Very well done.

  11. liltari

    A great thing to do for your friend on their birthday! You have lots of talent, and great showmanship. Well done!

  12. misteriousmen

    Please man, where did you get your sheet ?

  13. misteriousmen

    Please man, where did you get your sheet ?

  14. misteriousmen

    ou as tu trouvé la partition ?

  15. StefanVideo101


  16. girschimm


  17. titatus08

    lo haces muy bien! Congrats!

  18. alvarohuron1

    Hello, I´m a great fan of Supertramp and I play yhe piano.
    Do you have tab?


    Nice work………..


    buenisimooooooo felicidades, gracias

  21. lartiste07

    Pretty good man!

    “Pour ta fête Vince” (comique haha).

  22. Alexandre1963aza

    Maneiro !!!!

  23. rexidk

    nice ,, well don ,,

  24. angiidu75

    Wow ! It’s great ! Do u have the sheet musique ?

  25. LouisFrancois

    Cool ! tu torches… :)

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