School-To-Prison Pipeline (Alyona Joins Ana On TYT)

An increasing number of teenagers are going from schools to juvenile detention centers and prisons. Alyona Minkovski joins Ana Kasparian to discuss. Watch more Alonya here:

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25 responses to “School-To-Prison Pipeline (Alyona Joins Ana On TYT)”

  1. Kirillarmas11

    @ohbuddyiliketowatch Ok ill e njoy wasting my time.

  2. ViolentRiC


    From what I’ve learned, he was half right.

  3. kreskinkun

    Zero tolerance is absolute shit. My six year old nephew is bombarded with cartoons about guns and lasers and bombs and such even on broadcast tv let alone cable. He goes to school and mentions any of it and gets taken to the principal and his parents are informed that it’s unacceptable. The environment in which they’re educating and shaping these children does not comport to the society we live in, be it in media, culture, international conduct or political rhetoric. It sucks.

  4. BeastifiedCodFather

    This is might happen to you if you live in the south.

  5. coldchamelon

    The justice system is bs

  6. coldchamelon

    Also the worst punishment for a kid is give him to his parents its true

  7. OmieBearMegaHead001

    America is for sale, anyone here a billionaire?

  8. eight18

    @BenjiREC yeah im gonna vote for him hes the only one who will fight for freedom!! ……oh wait he wants to take away my citizenship , nvm

  9. BenjiREC


    You need to be a Trillionare to buy nations. Rockefeller already owns the US btw the USA was already sold.

  10. BenjiREC


    ? huh

  11. eight18

    @BenjiREC go find out more about your grassroots savior

  12. BenjiREC


    Why don’t you tell me why you think he is going to take away your citizenship? It’s not true, he has never said anything about revoking someones citizenship ever. Please don’t spread lies. If you really believe that then give me a link showing me what he said that got you scared.

  13. eight18

    @BenjiREC he wants to revoke the citizenship of latino americans who have illegal family members, he would make the nazis proud,

  14. BenjiREC


    That’s not a link, I ignore people who make false accusations.

  15. eight18


  16. BenjiREC


    That doesn’t revoke citizenship from those who already have it. I think he’s got a great point and I support him

  17. BenjiREC


    btw calling it “racist” is a red herring argument and is wrong. The policy pertains to all illegal immigrants.

  18. eight18

    @BenjiREC most illegals are of native/mestizo descent, so it is racist, even if you fukers wont even aknowledge it

  19. BenjiREC


    That’s intellectually dishonest. The policy is the same towards any illegal immigrant. The fact that most illegal immigrants are from a bordering country is only the most obvious thing in the world. You have a special interest in this, I understand that, but that doesn’t give you permission to ignore fact.

  20. eight18

    @BenjiREC european immigration is less restricted and more relaxed compared to latin american immigration, this is no coincidence,this is all a ploy of the globalists to create a cheap labor underclass, with the help of nafta, the war on drugs, and the push of more free trade agreements , the elite are creating a situation where refugee migrants are increasing and where they can be legally exploited, dont blame illegals ,they never had a choice ,you guys did and you voted for this

  21. BenjiREC


    I do support Ron Paul and that also means that I am against the “war on drugs” against the NWO in any form (globalists included). I do agree with you in your suggestion that the global elite are creating this situation on purpose to exploit cheap labor. I see that happening also. This argument we are having is just one issue in a myriad of concerns. Ron Paul is the only one who challenges the status quo and has a 30 year impeccable voting record based on constitutional principles.

  22. eight18

    @BenjiREC so if we both are in agreement why are we fighting each other? this is what the elitists want, poor people fighting poor people, the white working class should sympathize and ally with illegals, we have more in common than in differences , the elitists are afraid of this, this is why they capitalize on hatred and racism to keep us from getting to know each other, this needs to change

  23. BenjiREC


    I agree and thank you. Also I think racism is one of the preferred weapons of the elite bankers and social engineers to cause us to war amongst ourselves.

    True diversity and fellowship comes from a sharing of ideas and philosophy. Everyone is welcome and no special privileges are granted or implied.

    The NWO model of “diversity” is the separation of people based on race and religion into small self serving factions. That is a recipe for strife and misunderstanding.

  24. Darquine

    “…create a system where {they’re always] scared”

    Hate to break the news, but that’s the whole point. No more democratic protests for the U.S. once these kids grow up, it’s gonna be all “yes Mr Government, no MR. Government, 3 bags full Mr. Government, just please don’t throw me & my family in jail for our free speech crimes.”

    Welcome to your New World Order, U.S.

  25. SaraMarie41

    those people who enforce the oppression in school should watch Spike TV’s Alterante History… they are playing with fire!

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