School’s Out

The Jump Street cops must find temporary jobs when school’s out for summer, and maybe forever.

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10 responses to “School’s Out”

  1. bradwolf07

    Officer Milk Carton?

  2. JohnnyGstaks

    you’re a cop. still wanna lite it???

  3. cheetah063

    Love Hanson’s get up!

  4. theanybody1

    “I love a good dirty joke.” LOL.

  5. VanitieGrace

    Officer Milk Carton lmfao.

  6. jillmac444

    “hold this for a second” lmao i love hanson almost as much as i love johnny. this show can’t lose.

  7. XguineapigXRAWR

    holy god 1988 first video i saw from 1988

  8. ctal1234

    “i love a good dirty joke”
    god that dinner was akward.

    and the officer milk-carton?? what kid is that excited about somebody in a milk suit?

  9. Anilewka

    is there a shadow of the microphone behind the captain? check 44:50

  10. 21JumpStreetKid

    Awww, Hanson looks so cute in his cap and gown!! <3

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