SG Wannabe- Crime and Punishment *English subs*

Part 1 of a 3 part story.. next are “Gwang” and “As I Live” Translation and Subs: TheAsianMission

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25 responses to “SG Wannabe- Crime and Punishment *English subs*”

  1. lsxtreme

    so, is this just a music video? or is it a korean drama movie??? yall dont know what i went through just to find this english version haha 4realz some1 chime in and tell me this is a movie, and that i can pick it up online or something .. thanks in advance

  2. constraint

    It’s a three part music video.

  3. constraint

    I don’t know, but she said Mo hesuh? …

  4. Teitoz

    it’s 또 왔어?

  5. chengwayy

    jus askin
    is there any movies or series out there similar to this music vid?

  6. chn4ever

    what does the title of this song called??? Really love it…

  7. G2IntegraDA

    What is the order? I just know it is C and P and then Saldaga.. what is the 3rd?? I didn’t know there was a 3rd!

  8. G2IntegraDA

    Nevermind, i just read the description and realized how stupid I am. haha

  9. G2IntegraDA

    What is the actresses name?

  10. G2IntegraDA

    I can’t seem to find Gwang’s music video.. is there one?

  11. rainingoddess91

    i can’t find it either!

  12. garemi07

    FLY TO THE SKY ??’
    or no ??

  13. debbiexLOVEx3

    very violent.

  14. iamaleashya

    who’s the girl?
    she looks REALLY familiar, but I just don’t remember. xD

  15. XangelahahahaX

    yeah she looks like the girl from Full House
    LOL forgot her name

  16. iamaleashya

    Well I also found her somewhere else too. xD my mom has these korean dvds and they were music videos and she starred in most of them. xD

  17. XangelahahahaX

    yeah she’s also in Cinderella Man
    I think her name is…
    Han Eun Jung

    yeah Han Eun Jung

  18. hellraiser8799

    hey I don’t know the artist name and can’t clear out the song title I think it’s “boys are like this ” or guys are like this” may be instead of this it’s “……like that” I love that song It’s been nearly 3 years since I’ve tried to find that song it’s korean . can you help me please……..

  19. bitchylil

    i think ur lookin for mc mong because im a man

  20. hellraiser8799

    nah its not mc mong it’s a romantic ballade or rndb song damn if only i could remember something it’s i saw it once in k-pop in arrirang tv

  21. aqua1332

    Sounds like Buzz maybe…

  22. aqua1332

    or also try Fly to the Sky ‘Like a Man’

  23. TheRealPoofy

    Can someone post the link to the other parts!! I can’t find them!! Help!

  24. iluvspence

    Han Eun Jung
    She was the supporting actress in Full House (I think?)

  25. yayableu

    serious question, so if they fight like that in front of the school, the police doesnt come? i know this is only an mv, but if there was a real fight like that, would the police be called?

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