Skateboarding Is A Crime In Milton Florida

I was suspended for 30 days and threatened with arrest for skateboarding at a skate park. the park is free and unstaffed, and I have a waiver on file with the city, yet some security guard and a local cop take things to the next level. it was ridiculous and hilarious…

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25 responses to “Skateboarding Is A Crime In Milton Florida”

  1. ITzArniesBR

    That’s the dumbest thing I’ve ever seen. The guys in this video were class and said all the right things, whereas that policewoman and man should be absolutely ashamed of themselves. They are a disgrace to the system of justice.

    Sick drop in though, well worth it.

  2. GodSadic

    To protect and to be stupid; every fucking single cop its fucking retarded or what.

  3. FuzzyWhisper

    Fuck that noise.

  4. olimario

    Police officers have a low IQ and an inability to think critically and problem solve. They are hired for that very reason. Like soldiers, they simply follow orders.

  5. Accordi0n

    I hope you followed this up with the City
    Though given the nature of the “autority” on show here, im not expecting much.

    Freaking Ridiculous!

  6. BoxxyfanSC

    Let’s get this shit started.


  7. ScreamingRestless


    You get on the wall, you get trespassed.


  8. Jeremy092387

    please update us with the follow up on this. This shit does not make sense to me, I don’t know how you were in the wrong here. What the fuck is wrong with that cop and security guy?

  9. SirIlpalazzo

    I’m sorry, I know this really has nothing to do with the video. But doesn’t that woman look like an older version of that police officer from the first Silent Hill game?

  10. sycoticboy

    @SirIlpalazzo oh shnap she does kinda

  11. bisonlinebacker

    dude i live in milton and thats the bull we all have to put up with…sorry fellas…. especially that guy pullin the race card what a douche

  12. theflipnotizer


  13. LetDavidTV

    dude im not skateing there now fuck that fort myers skate park is esyer

  14. wtfareyousmoking

    @dallassuckscock there is no fuckin rule that says you cant use the park to its fullest

  15. 1baldmonkey

    @dallassuckscock and they did follow the rules………

  16. Aseastin

    that’s bullshit…

  17. darklotuslife

    holy shit…..on a fuckin longboard too..mad props

  18. darklotuslife

    @1baldmonkey exactly. she said no kids are allowed on there and obviously they arent kids

  19. iamadgod

    hey what to the first rule this is a non-supervised skate park

  20. 1baldmonkey

    @darklotuslife how are there no kids allowed at a skatepark, genius.

  21. 562XXXXX

    please tell me that you at least went to the city and showed them this video and i think they couldve lifted the 30 day suspension. and if not at least you couldve put up a good argument about that nothing bad was going on just a simple drop in. you should go and try to get stairs built there so everyone go drop in on it.

  22. Redboyjp

    yo fuck that fatass fuckin dude for callin the cops now im a go over there an sit my ass on that wall. wait for his ass then hit em with the skateboard.

    after that im a cheez it cuz i dont like being arrested 🙂

  23. soyouwantoskate

    Wtf build a skatepark but you cant skate it………

  24. darklotuslife

    @1baldmonkey nigga wtf? i was talkin bout the guys who got suspended, GENIOUS

  25. XxSkaterB0YxX

    That really retarded!

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