Here is a short video I made as a school project for my Participation In Government class three months into my senior year of high school in 1991. We were allowed to pick our own topic so of course I picked skateboarding. If I wasn’t riding my skateboard, then I was watching a skateboard video and this eventually made me curious on how they were made and wanting to make videos myself. I had already made a video entitled, “Say Cheese”, before this school project so I already had a head start …

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25 responses to “SKATEBOARDING: IS IT A CRIME?”

  1. 2541steve

    i see a mongo pusher!

  2. samrules81797

    seriously skating is awsome! im only 11 and i have got into trouble from cops

  3. taaraa01

    fuck, cars make scratches on roads, you don’t see them making that illegal.

  4. TheFleaFlickers

    totally, even if it was illegal I’d still do it skating is all i do

  5. SwitchSk8Crew

    ppl hate on sk8ers because we all have natural talent

  6. Jerzy777

    ha ha tht pizza hut got closed down

    (ii live there)

  7. skate123skater

    ok bitch wen u buy a new board there is usually a sticker tht says skate in ur limits so tht there fault they fall

  8. toleranttyrant

    this video looks like it was shot in ‘91
    Thats 1991 for all you youngins.
    Sk8 or die

  9. chivazdd

    ur comment made my day

  10. mattiova1

    good job hommie

  11. slex182

    mada fuckers

  12. csupple

    you skated with salman agah???? sweet!!!
    Yeah this shows the greatness of skateboarding and why people are jealous of us
    5 Stars And Favorite!!!

  13. darlalovly

    if you skate in wrong places

  14. hiphopskater123

    it would suck if skateboarding would only be allowed in skateparks like you sad in the vid. cause there arent many skateparks that have alot of diffrents stairs, rails and gaps for street skaters like me theres more vert!

  15. PurpleIsFunky

    Come on dats bulls***

    sk8ters are just enoying what they do,

    who cares the fuck about handrails and benches you fuckin losers.

    you take skaters of the street then you better take bikers as well

  16. skate95jeppe

    should be a crime to not skateboard

  17. NewKid188

    The lady at the start made me laugh. Little children run after their balls that bounce into the street. BAN ALL BALLS!

  18. Ribcracks

    alright, fuck the fat bitch at the start. Their is a main place to skate, its called a fucking skate park. And most skateboarders dont do vert anyway, like me. Most prefer street. And what the fuck? It should be illegal? I Think thats what half the fucking reason for sidewalks is. People can walk down the side of a street on a damn sidewalk. If you dont like skateboarding, dont even make a fucking video about it just keep it in your head.

  19. mike38383

    What a fat bitch skateboarding should be illegal Yeh right who the fuck cares were doing what we love.

  20. styckyfingaz

    lol that bitch at the begining damn it should be illegal to look so ugly in public damn yuk lol

  21. WizzardSock

    this vid is just horrible, they should be able to skateboard.

  22. crash00111

    dumb fuck at briginning just shut the fuck up ya bitch thats why people do it they wouldent if it was a ll dandy and nice you piece a shit

  23. Flybox16

    why go after skateboarders why not go after people who sell or do drugs

  24. oldkookskater

    Nicely done on the video – good work for being in 12th grade and being almost 20 years back. A lot of the people replying below were probably not alive when you made this video. It’s good for the kids that actually read your description of the video to see what skaters have faced all along. We faced a lot of crap back then and weren’t disrespectful. The crap the kids face today is 100% self inflicted.

  25. oldkookskater

    You even read the description of the video? This was made probably before you were born. Skaters faced issues back in the 80s and 90s for skateboarding – not for being an illiterate dolt. There were almost no skate parks in ‘91 – they were all being torn down because of ambulance-chasing lawyers. Skaters aren’t liked today because of the way you speak and general disrespect. You can’t even give the courtesy of reading the description of the video.

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