Skater vs Drunken

Old mate having a swack

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8 responses to “Skater vs Drunken”

  1. sarinc

    oy oy

  2. ImBreakingThe4thWall

    I’m with the drunk guy. Those skaters look and sound like little homos. They out numbered him and were still pussy. Throwing a bottle at a guys family, they are lucky all they got was a skateboard to the ribs.

  3. xAGxmarcyy01

    would be off been so much better if that chick wasnt there.

  4. PhysicsRuinedMyLife

    The skaters were fucking ass holes in this situation… the drunken guy and the women walked off, but they still kept going… plus one of them rides a scooter so makes them even gayer.

  5. ivano1987

    someone needs to beat the crap outta those kids.

  6. richard20bris

    Drunk assholes like that guy are a pretty low form of life. However…a skater fag who throws a bottle (or whatever it was) at a woman while her back is turned is even lower. What a bunch of dateless wonders these skating Sally’s are. It’s gonna be low paying jobs / apprenticeships form them all for a long, LONG time….and that’s REALLY funny to think about 🙂

  7. Zanee17

    Fucking skater fags, you’re all an embarrassment to Australia, hope the next drunk hits you in the temple with the fucking skateboard

  8. TheTwizzie89

    For all the people giving the skater fags shit it wasn’t just them that women was nuts chasing a drunk dragging her kid along who was screaming and that drunk tard who needs to be sterilized is disgraceful.

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