Son Kills Parents w/ Hammer, Throws Party

17 year-old Tyler Hadley allegedly bludgeoned his parents to death with a claw hammer, hid the bodies in a bedroom and used Facebook to invite his friends over for a party. Cenk Uygur and Ana Kasparian discuss. The Largest Online News Show in the World. Google+: Facebook: Twitter: Subscribe: FREE Movies(!): Read Ana’s blog and subscribe at: Read Cenk’s Blog:

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25 responses to “Son Kills Parents w/ Hammer, Throws Party”

  1. charms71

    US kids!!!

  2. PrUnEJuIcEtHeThIrD

    @seth1hades Except that’s not at all an excuse for murdering your parents with a hammer.

  3. Kalahridudex

    don’t care if hes 17, hang the bastard.

  4. seth1hades

    @PrUnEJuIcEtHeThIrD I would totally disagree with you there. Granted sexual abuse is not looking to be the motive in this particular case and it was the effects of drugs. So in this case I would send him to jail, but if it where to come up that his parents routinly raped him while growing up I would not hold this against him at all. Parents who create life only to tourtue and abuse it are less than scum and deserve no sympathy if their victim decides to strike back.

  5. megeles

    this story should be publicized so that if he doesn’t go away forever he will have a horrible life after prision

  6. PrUnEJuIcEtHeThIrD

    @seth1hades And you have evidence that his parents routinely raped him and were basically among the most heinous parents in the world?

    You seem to be going WAY out of your way to draw an extreme hypothetical in an attempt to find a “pass” for what is KNOWN to be a heinous double-murder.

    Is it possible his parents raped him routinely like you suggested? Sure. But until that’s determined, he has some explaining to do for why he bashed his parents’ brains in and then had a party afterwards.

  7. Stingerbillion

    Jury will probably decide in 5 hours and say he’s not guilty because there wasn’t enough evidence.

  8. DanaMarie95

    “Hey mom, dad, can I have a party?”
    “Over our dead bodies!”

  9. cook7741

    the chick reporting is saying in her head, ” how many?16 ? Ive been to a gangbang bigger than that.”

  10. lowrider14044

    while hes in jail they catch him with pot lmfao

  11. lowrider14044

    dude did the right thing his parents were probably some naggy fucks

  12. Chris12163

    Fucken crazy.

  13. thepeterlong

    @bulbinking thanks bro gods know i could do with the cash

  14. thepeterlong

    @thepeterlong easily one of the highest rated comments i ever left here

  15. seth1hades

    @PrUnEJuIcEtHeThIrD I have already said in my previous comment that in this particular case I believe the kid deserves to go to jail because he killed them while high. I am just not as quick to condem someone for killing their parents because 25-20% of them are complete assholes and would deserve this kind of fate.
    But since he was willing to throw a party afterwards I have to wonder just how loved he felt by them to be so detached from them.

  16. ForceRecon198

    @Fangtorn Really? You’d know from experience? Hell no. Blunt, improvised weapons are a clear sign of spontaneous improvisation generally accompanied with a rush of adrenaline. Shooting somebody shows clear intent of murder, it’s harder than you might think, and its more thought through. You can’t fight back against somebody with a gun right? Unless you’re some sorta hardcore Jack Bauer badass. I hope Ana was being sarcastic, for her sake.

  17. TheDoctorWholigan

    @StewieSwan i loled so hard, good one man: you fed my dark sense of humor .

  18. LisaSnicket

    maybe his parents were abusive

  19. bulbinking

    So you think there is no thinking involved with purchasing a gun and ammunition and picking the best time to shoot somebody? Seriously? Its waaaay easier to just grab a hammer, walk up behind somebody, and give them one good whack to the skull. Its WAY easier to get away with too! If you have never killed anything, you can’t know the difference between killing with different tools. Period.

  20. Fangtorn

    @ForceRecon198 She was OBVIOUSLY being sarcastic.

    I can understand a fit of rage, being caught up in emotion and just grabbing the first thing at hand without thinking. But that isn’t what this was. This wasn’t an accident. He threw a fucking party. Just because it was a blunt weapon doesn’t prove it was spontaneous. You don’t spontaneously hammer TWO people to death. With a gun once you pull the trigger and chances are it’s already over, with a hammer you’ve got time to stop and think.


    abortion, it’s legal.

    do it and this won’t happen to you.

  22. MrGish1

    he will plead insanity

  23. kinghustle711

    fluffe coverd this XD

  24. KJT922010T

    Tyler was popular, He dropped out of school and was always on E. This crazy shit never happens in Port St. Lucie. Crazy as fuck.

  25. eier

    cenk’s right. he’ll get out. just like slingblade.

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