Stalking: Real Fear, Real Crime- Part 1 of 3

The video, “Stalking: Real Fear, Real Crime,” is a training tape produced through the collaborative efforts of the National Center for Victims of Crime, Lifetime Television, and LMNO Productions. This 18-minute training tape was inspired by the tragic death of Peggy Klinke. Ms. Klinke was stalked and murdered by her ex-boyfriend in January 2003. While the tape is designed primarily for use with law enforcement officers, it is an educational tool that can be used with a wide variety of …

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19 responses to “Stalking: Real Fear, Real Crime- Part 1 of 3”

  1. adevai

    Thanks for putting the entire story on here! I’m an advocate for stalking victims at the Domestic Violence Resource Center’s Protective Orders Advocacy Program in Hillsboro, Oregon, and we use this video for part of our agency training. Peggy Klinke was killed in the month of January which is why January is Stalking Awareness Month. Her story is tragic, moving, and needs to be heard. Social awareness brings about social change.

  2. KandiLynn0707

    Very interesting. Thanks for uploading.

  3. iKnOwUxx2

    i knew her. she was a family friend. she was a beautiful woman that everyone loved. rip peggy

  4. devilxxxscum

    peggy went with another man… no wonder he flipped!

  5. popsek

    I saw this story on channel E a program they had call INVESTIGATION: Dating Nightmares i tried to find the video instead I found this. This the most craziest stalking story i have ever heard I can’t believe the lengths this guy went for an Ex girlfriend.

  6. noobsybot71

    Oh my god…I went to school with her! She was always so nice to me…we lost touch after high school…what a fucking loser…I can only hope that loser is getting ass raped…how could you you dick!
    Peggy I hope you can Rest In Peace…sorry we lost touch…see you again someday?

  7. 51LT0F1LT0

    scary, scary stuff. What do we do to stop this horrible trend?

  8. 51LT0F1LT0

    you are insane.

  9. DVMartinEsq

    We need stronger laws and education on stalking so that the victim is not blamed. I was a law professor at Howard University and was stalked by a delusional, serial campus stalker who wanted me to be his “wife.” I “not renewed” after I reported the stalking. I sued Howard, for sexual harassment and retaliation, in “Martin v. Howard University;” but based on faulty legal instructions to the jury, jurors found that there was no law to protect me. See U-Tube and links at “dvmartinlaw.”

  10. rien515

    people who have been stalked , drawn it in their own lives looking for attention… they desire and reject attention… they created it themselves …not without a reason that moviestars get stalked …they desire the attention ..and next time they resist the attention (for example paparazzis)

  11. rien515

    the one that projects out the stalker the victim…but projecting out a horrible label like that on to a person is a crime by it self , which is being resisted and so created by “the stalker” but the label is created by the “the victim” you can ask you self who is the first victim in the conflict ….. drawing in more prove by the victim…..

  12. rien515

    i had a experiance with someone , a short relationship with a girl that constantly projected out this label…she did it also with her former ex…. bewarned …don’t trust girls that say they have stalkers …cause they label people like that …and before you know are are drawn into a creation like that …making you into a stalker …

  13. rien515

    it is defintly a co creation of mutual harassment and later into the stalker label… but the victim started this label..because they don’t want to experiance it …so they create it…. beware.

  14. rien515

    don’t become a victim of a victim…cause they need someone to be the badguy…. and they make you treating you very badly …… victims are the real assholes ….. do i need to say 9-11 …. 1 building is enough justification to destroy a country…. don’t sleep around chronically victims….

  15. rien515

    the victims cover up their own transgressions so well , they are so asleep about there own transgressions…..

  16. cmtost

    rien515, you have a distorted view on life, relationships, and the evils of stalking. Stalkers try to control and destroy the life of another.

  17. evelynjoyce

    Rien, you sound like you have a screw loose and need some heavy duty therapy. People are murdered every day by stalkers, people who prey on innocent people and you must be some low life to defend the murderers and blame the victims. Your self esteem must be pretty low to post a bazillion comments blaming murder victims for what happens to them. You’re probably a stalker yourself who can’t take responsibility for the scumball he’s become.

  18. cmtost

    One of the many evils of a stalker is to try and destroy the victims reputation in the community with character assassination,here he tries that with flyers.

  19. baybaygurlshay

    Considering I am being stalked right now.. I did nuttin wrong u ppl that r actin like it is a victims fault u have no clue.I don’t even know the my stalker..He has attempted to get in my home,sneak up on my boyfriend {maybe to hurt},cut my phone lines,harm my pets,and more.Cops say nothing can be done until he gets in.Yeah then what I end up dead?! This is so serious people. I continue to do research. I keep a journal and give police copies…if u have not experienced this u have no idea really.

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