Steven Seagal trains Americans how to stop school shooters using guns and martial arts

Steven Seagal becomes America’s new weapon against gun crime as he leads an arms training event simulating a school shooting in Arizona. . Report by Matt Blake. Like us on Facebook at and follow us on Twitter at . Subscribe to ITN News! Visit our homepage at

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25 responses to “Steven Seagal trains Americans how to stop school shooters using guns and martial arts”

  1. Dolly Dimple

    When you see how quick Americans get really wound up with people who have an opposing point of view, it’s a wonder they haven’t all shot each other already…..

  2. BP040822

    How do you defend themselves in front of their mentally ill veterans of the war who were trained to kill for years and now have no idea where they are.For them, the war is still, and will murder all -what makes them so their commander for the good of the country and for the safety of people.Why the Segeal “killing machine” and “to fight the terrorists” will not turn from his colleagues in the movies just a game?!!And when you destroy that you mentally and take the basic right to free choiceWhat.

  3. BloodTar

    Yeah, that its Seagal, help keep the lie alive that everyone’s out to shoot kids at our schools. Pathetic.

  4. Mojo3192

    Bans don’t do anything except criminalize people who would otherwise be following the law. This isn’t the UK we are a different culture with different values. You ban guns here some will comply but the bulk of people simply wont abide by the law. Bans just send the market underground, & more people die as has always been the case in the United States. Look no further than alcohol prohibition & drug prohibition. Over 70% of firearm related deaths now are directly related to drug prohibition.

  5. docksta

    Yeh, and if there were less guns and they were banned (because its a fact there would be less guns on the streets if illegal) there would be less deaths in total related to drug prohibition.

  6. TheBigrab10


  7. Rinoa Leonhart

    banning guns would more than likely make a black market.

    not counting nobody is going to take their guns, you talk about the idea of imposing a few regulations of what a civilian can own and every american reads it as “were takin your guns away” then again the western news networks love to make a mountain out of a mole hill and get us all afraid of “big government” and “terrorists”

  8. fostfost

    kill yourself

  9. Ricardo Nasser

    safe the kids steven SAAAN!!!

  10. Mathewmartialart

    WTF are you, 3?

  11. Mathewmartialart

    well 2 things, well 3 things actually. 1st WTF is seagal doing training these guys when it should be the authorities under expert training, even though seagal has been a somewhat sheriff for over 20 years. 2, WTF is that fake goatee on seagals face???, 3rd its nice to see seagals lost a lot of weight good on him

  12. johnoXdamage

    is that steven seagal?!?! can i get your autograph?!

  13. SweetCash33

    Right now somewhere some nut is buying more guns and ammo and driving around your town looking for the perfect target location so they can be the next killer celebrity – it won’t matter of you have 1 or 2 or even 3 concealed guns, because he will have the drop on you from the element of surprise,,, Have a nice day ya’ll, because it might be your last.

  14. Gencturk92

    Executive Decision was his best film

  15. dataviva

    somebody should shoot to Phil , please !!

  16. dataviva


  17. max34571

    while he’s at that school maybe he could take some acting lessons

  18. Tony M

    Street thugs have been in more shootouts. How many vets are out there not working and he gets an actor? What criminal is going to take Seagal is a threat?

  19. OrphanPaper

    the better trained the less chance of mishaps

  20. Chris Forder

    He is a legend!!

  21. John Drain

    The black market already exists, but it would certainly restrict access to guns or certain guns. I know about the prohibition of alcohol and its supposed failure but guns are not alcohol.

  22. John Drain

    Nice one Steven, though not very useful.

  23. DubMasterCTV

    I hated Under Siege 4. That was the worst movie ever.

  24. Mojo3192

    Not true, you can make illegal guns in a shack just as easily as you can make illegal drugs. People in Pakistan do it with hand tools. Violence increases because of prohibition, look at statistics strait from the government not from a anti-fire website. Compare crime rates the decade or more before a ban and since.

  25. TheStevenLawrence


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