What do you think about ads in schools? Sorry the video was rushed. Was in the phone most of the afternoon trying to get my internet connection to work. I hope you still enjoyed though :) Oh and you should click that Like button ;D SUBSCRIBE AND FOLLOW ME ON TWITTER!! Facebook: Crime-fighting semen: Ads in schools: thegr8stever the greatest ever dtsalazar crime fighting ads advertising school officials discussion talking interview exposed lego lohan “stop motion” stopmotion

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24 responses to “STOP THIEVES WITH C0M?!!!”

  1. monazzzification


  2. xArisuxRavex

    Are you sure the device isn’t your penis? :(

  3. imbored200

    wow 2 likes 37 views and im the 2nd comment y am i not surprise and U should put random videos or just do reviews about stuff both youtube and or facebook or just 1 of them just an idea

  4. imbored200

    and i think that schools should differnt ads(like do mutiple ads of the same company ) per day until they have enough money 4 what ever the school needs then we’ll see from there

  5. MrPatriotic

    lol nice

  6. JennxDoe

    I love your voice <3

  7. Alan123123123

    I like your shirt!

  8. misstaramcmahon

    hmmm, i dunno, i guess if the students were educated on why the ads were there it could be ok.

  9. LeyzrProductions

    Sure schools can, ill just turn on my real life ad blocker ;D

  10. rushingspirit28

    i havent any problem with ads. revenue is good all around, why fight it?

  11. thejosh51720

    As long as they aren’t putting ads on my “DNA sprayer”

  12. Benhur3243


  13. EmilyBlakeTV

    I think it’s fine, except for my school, which posts suicide hotline ads. EVERYWHERE. No other product. It makes me kind of depressed :0

  14. fieldninjai

    im pretty sure that u have to ask permission before spraying genetic material on workers and customers

  15. dosuunmai

    @JennxDoe *clears throat* Toki Wartooth *clears throat*

  16. dumb14wanker

    lol, he sounds like an eastern european phillip defranco

  17. dumb14wanker

    @EmilyBlakeTV they probably dont get money for those ads

  18. jazzwails

    i think that was an episode of Daria way back when…
    (the ads in schools, not the anti-robbery penis)

  19. aolftw

    @2:13 There’s a link in your penis?

  20. aolftw

    @thejosh51720 Mine is many ad space

  21. David1531992

    I think as far as ads all over schools go, isn’t schools good enough already of being the place that makes the children jealous of not having? The place that makes them run to their mommies and daddies and ask for money for shit they don’t really need. Do we want to make the next generation greedy? I know for sure I’m greedier from influence trying to make me so than I’d like to. Imagine the sweet delight of only thinking you need the shit you actually DO need. Also think about the poor children

  22. David1531992

    @David1531992 Think about the children with poor parents. The ones who doesn’t get. We aren’t exactly going easy on them already are we?

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