Student kills Student at Dunoon High School

Student kills Student at Dunoon High School

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25 responses to “Student kills Student at Dunoon High School”

  1. chrisjama

    I am just glad that I made it through last year…they so wanted to get @ me but I escaped…

  2. skgamerps3

    Black ppl these days

  3. warminator

    These things happen everywhere in the world.

    So STFU

  4. dondappa85

    why the fuck all the innocent and ambitious people have to die?When will this fucking shit stop?

  5. zoetie123321

    it wil never stop all those killers are insane, they have theyr issues and they process theyr probs on theyr own way and the killing is a thing from all times everybody kills look to the aincient egyptens, romans, greeks european who went to america, hitler, killing happens you can’t do a thing about is

  6. debbie83

    Am glad i left jamaica when i was a child…god knows!!!!….the crime in that small island is outrageous!!!!!!

  7. KrissyCautious

    what is the truth? was it over a girl? was he parting a fight? did he pull a knife first? what is the truth…anyway, regardless of that…rip hon!

  8. CubanDragon198

    i aint even black and im sayin dat u wrong!

  9. eviltreemonster

    I bet the kid was part of a gang or something.

  10. PhilLaurence

    why do you say that??

  11. eviltreemonster

    Most of these things are gang related. I put it down to poor parenting and a bad environment.

  12. Alphawaste123456

    you are disgusting how can you say that . I hope u arent serious

  13. PhilLaurence

    i agree bad enviroment. but i dont put as much blame on the parents.i dont believe after the age of about 5 parents have that much influence on their kids. more so in the deprived areas of the working class.

  14. eviltreemonster

    I disagree. I bet if the parents came down harder on kids when they misbehave, a lot of this would go away. I spent the first part of my childhood in a working class area and if I was bad, there was hell to pay.

  15. PhilLaurence

    but that dont mean that those kids will grow up violent. i still think their environment influenced their aggressive behavior mare than their parents.

  16. eviltreemonster

    Yes, a bad environment can have dire consequences for a kid’s childhood but I still beleive that everyone is responsible for their own actions.

  17. PhilLaurence

    agreed but you still have to look at their personal situation to identify why they did/do what they did/do.

    sometimes its not bad ppl, but bad situations.

  18. OK113RUL3Z

    di man a fight ova gal.

  19. gtmisshottie001

    how humans bieing can be so curel to one another

  20. teasinz01

    mi agree wit eviltreemonster , cause mi know nuff pplz frm every walk a life , it can a have sum effect but wen u have a gud family system nothin can make u bad but u trust me . Mi fren live inna water house from birth n fi go shop witout permit him ass get bus

  21. Wellz103

    me did deh a yaad a bout to yute get stab up inna skool da week deh

  22. cool87cats

    kids killing each other over cell phones in class, we need to come down back on sticker rules in school, like back in de days. cell phones this is crazy, my heart goes out to that parent that loss her son fa nothing at all. STRICTER RULES LASHES DEM NEED

  23. olh1152

    Some humans are worse than animals!!


    We got away from the way GOD told us to raise our children and because we have this is the result all over the world. GOD told us to spare not the rod, and to beat our children,but the whiteman calls that abuse and we follow them instead of GOD. Also you must keep in mind the violent video games that their minds are bing fed on a daily basis that are desensatizing our youth to human life. Rap videos and violence is glamourized in our society. A lot of these kids don’t live in reality. Wake Up !

  25. kadeem43

    R.I.P mi friend and may god bless u we all know u wuz a good boy and everything we all miss u..u will be gone but never 4get i will alwayz have u in my heart u wuz a good fren

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