Student Schools Cop on Courtesy (ODU)

Old Dominion University. Norfolk, Virginia. ODU student flips a shit on campus PD. He says what we have all thought at one time or another.

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24 responses to “Student Schools Cop on Courtesy (ODU)”

  1. blizzardBad

    This kid is insane

  2. arodrig4

    that’s just the point: you’ll settle for them not arresting you, as if its their right to arrest you. Yeah, he is acting like an asshole and yes, most other cops would abuse their authority to express anger. These cops did show more restraint then most. But the point is that TOO MANY times do we see cops abuse there authority that people are getting fed up and are acting irrate because they don’t have that same ability to take their frustration out on someone else and be protected by the law

  3. arodrig4

    but the real fucked up part is that most of us (like you) have become so used to them abusing their authority…that you’ll settle for them violating you and will thank them for the expeirence…so long as they don’t arrest you.

  4. jeremym555

    These two cops need to be fired!!!!!

  5. TheWTFSOB

    will do slave, and you keep being a good dog

  6. kazuosrevenge2

    When this punk tries his act with real cops he’s in for a very rude awakening.

  7. MattGues

    The title is incorrect. Regardless of what happened before the video started, the student showed not one whit of courtesy, and is not entitled to school anyone on the topic.

    It’s hard to apologize, even if you want to, when it’s to someone who acts like that.

  8. intrptr

    Students piss and whine at campus “police” because they know they can. Cops have to let them because their parents are paying tons of money to the system already and theres no need to fine them any more.

  9. shelleyissmelley

    look what will be running our country in the streets he would have accidently fell down and got hurt

  10. arthurcarchi

    @yrxxkxj x yep. my entires family is damn happy about this news. look, even my colleagues used to make dime well weekly doing some small works and watching funny stuffs. i found it here >->

  11. deeintv

    Anyone know who this student is?

  12. Casey Culbertson

    This guy sounds drunk lol

  13. Nekolas Bryan

    atleast someone in VA still has a pumping heart and a soul. good job sir.

  14. rault18

    oh so that’s how a fucking hipster homo looks when he gets mad

  15. SmarterThanYou6000

    The kid needs to be taught respect. Yes, the cop ALMOST hit him, but he DIDN’T HIT HIM. The kid obviously has an anger management problem and should have been arrested. People like this are what is wrong with society today!!! It’s sickening! I hope ODU sees the video and kicks him out!

  16. freddykillem

    I see shit like this going on across the Country. People getting harassed by Authority Figures. I give this kid Kudos for standing up for his rights. It is People like you that are the problem in this Country. People like you let the Authorities walk all over them. One time the Police stopped me, and I let them know what’s up. They never bothered me again. Don’t be afraid to fight the power.

  17. icedog3131

    Where is Rodney King when ya need him? Those cops should have peppersprayed his ass and left him laying on the sidewalk.

  18. Benjamin Jeter

    Mane, if that was me i would got charged for public use of profanity, etc. But the white boy was wildin’ tho’. I feel like he was doing all that for attention just for him to go back to class at the end of the day. lol. That’s the funny thing about it. He did school that cop tho’.

  19. Cassandra Haines

    That student was in the right. Too bad the video is a bit dark..I’d love to file a complaint on that officer. I love how he let him go after finding out it was being recorded

  20. SmarterThanYou6000

    There are times you need to stand up for what is right and then there are times that some punk kid just acts like an ass. Yes, I agree that you need to stand up for what is right, but throwing a temper tantrum about something that actually didn’t happen is just a waste of time. I don’t know your circumstances when you had to tell the cop, “what’s up,” but I’ve never had any problems with the police, except when I broke the law. Then, I accepted my punishment because I was in the wrong.

  21. leakedfromtv

    @filmmetoo go fuck yourself cop dick sucker.

  22. SonDimz

    well thats what your gonna do after you graduate bra

  23. jhague89

    Haha I graduated bra, I’m sure as shit not flippin burgers right now. Got a REAL job right out of college too. It’s pretty cool not being a fucking bum, you should try it. Not to mention College is amazing, best 4 years of my life.
    Have fun at McDs.

  24. Profoundsoup

    I fucken hate that people wearing a badge think there better than everyone…cool u went to school and got a badge and a gun. I can go to fucken walmart and buy those things

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