Student Stabbed at Coral Gables High School,Miami Florida

CORAL GABLES, Fla. (WSVN) — Officials are asking for calm while they investigate the stabbing death of a student at Coral Gables Sr. High School. “To the parents I understand the tragedy, I understand the anguish that we are all feeling at this point,” said Miami-Dade Schools Superintendent Alberto Carvalho, as he urged for patience while police keep students in school while they gather there evidence they need. “We are urging you to remain calm. Every single parent who has a child here at …

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24 responses to “Student Stabbed at Coral Gables High School,Miami Florida”

  1. iceyace101

    a kid got killed and that reporter lady only talks about the other students parents

  2. lazaro1227

    i feel for juan carlos and his family man this shouldn’t have happend i hope that kid dies in jail and never gets out and those who witnesses you people just stood there wacthing a kid getting stabbed and didn’t do nothing about?wow you guys are retarded i would off at least grab a stick of something heavy and throw at his head and try to stop the fight or something but no it was btter to enjoy the show rigth? wow R.I.P JCR sorry

  3. deavonbarnett1

    that how dumb poeple r in florida,

  4. erick248

    Funeral Flager Memorial Cemetery 5301 W. Flagler St. Tuesday. & Viewing the Nacional Funeral Home 151 Nw 37th Avenue Monday 1:00PM R.I.P

  5. zoklops

    lazaro 1227, I believe as you have written. But I think it was too fast and most did not see an actual blade, since it was onlt 4″ long. And realize another thing that came to my mind the other day, that kids in cool like to see a fight and usually do not stop it and if they do is pretty late into it.

  6. zoklops

    he police that went to the house of THE KILLER Andy Rodriguez, should have had some communication with the school police. This is a policy that has to go into efffect ASAP, before more of my cuban hommies go down. Poilce entities do not sahre information with the school district Police and this is a big flaw.

  7. zoklops

    Kids are not comfortable in their schools anymore. YOU PARENT wake up your kid everyday to a russian roulette. Your kid might not make it home that day. Alternatives need to come into play, such as removing your kids from ALL PUBLIC SCHOOLS, “THEY SUCK”, THEY are a THREAT to your child’s existence. Why is it that you do not hear any “PRIVATE SCHOOL” in the news? WOW! Talk about a reality check! You might have to turn in that second car, to put your kid in a private school. Fuck no not that BMW!

  8. denissef4

    i agree thats true

  9. paraAdrian1

    Life its all fun and games till someone gets hurt.This chick was playing with both of them till one fucking lost it and killed the other one.Look at me my life its preety suck for having to much fun till I got hurt now I am stuck in a wheelchair.Peoples life could change in a flash.Well jose hope you in heaven you in a better place now I think and andy you better not drop the soap;

  10. angelo7223

    yeah that kid really thought he was the hot shit around that girl and now he has hell to pay..good goin…hope your cellmate hasn’t fucked someone in decades

  11. Allapattahgoon

    R.I.P Juan Carlos Rivera…

    that dumbass kid is gonna die in JAIL!!!!
    all this for a girl?!?! how fucking stupid is that????who’s the girl anyway???she has to be the prettiest girl in the world for someone to do that….and while Andy is getting nothing but dick up the ass in jail….that girl is probly out Fucking every other guy….it was a lose-lose situation anyway

  12. jahir253j

    what exactly happned am asking ? why did andy stab him was it really over a girl ?

  13. afdez2010

    Fuck u andy mother fucker die in jail rot in jail rip juan they burried him man..

  14. chiqilina88

    RIP juan carlos at least ull have a better life than us nd u wont be a sinner anymore… and andy i dnt even hace words to describe what u did… theres nothing in life that woth to be killin i mean why u did ask ur pretty girl first… im not judging u cuz im not God pero lo q hicist no tiene nombre ni perdon solo espero q se haga lo justo i no solo te manden a correccional y luego andes en la calle como q si nunk hubieras hecho nada… si lo hiciste una vez xq no lo harias otra vez?

  15. embyoomlete

    The girl fucked andy on thursday then juan on saturday.. PUTA!

  16. afdez2010

    For real? Vv

  17. Rizzjizz10

    What a shame …. Rip

  18. xdarkmatterx8

    pm if u go to coral gables senior high i do

  19. SK8ter9075

    free andy hes a good kid just wanna be succesfull

  20. 00angie1

    I am a parent and also Cuban, It hurts me deeply to see two young people and there families suffering. Especially Anais Cruz that has lost a son. Andy was carrying a conceal weapon and i am sure his intentions were premeditated and made a conscious decision to use it if he was carrying it. My child this young man good or not good to your opinion committed murder.

  21. 00angie1

    it is a human life. How could you call him good? To kill makes him good? What is happening to our society today is sad. Now we have a mother devastated to find her son dead and the other in prison for murder. The law is a different story. What poor Andy is going to find in Jail is pure HELL. I do feel sorry for this young fellow and his family and i pray for him. My heart goes out to Juan Carlos Rivera and family. May the Lord grand him eternal glory, Amen.

  22. zoklops

    So when have you heard anything like this happening in a “PRIVATE SCHOOL”. The word “PRIVATE” is used in association with something better…. it is the opposite of “PUBLIC”. All you parents “that are able” don’t give a fuck about your kids, rather have them going to a piece of shit public school system school instead of a “PRIVATE” school were these violent acts are unheard of. I dare you to shave down our expenses and accomodate your budgets towards a private school tution. SELFISHNESS.

  23. 00angie1

    I am a mother of 4 boys and it hurts me to see the pain and suffering of good parents. My sons ages are 18, 22, 26, 27. They are the love of my life and i have always been their mother,friend and guidance thru life. I was always in school for then. In every school activity. They are my pride and joy. Believe me even in the best schools as you say horrible crimes are committed. Don’t believe they have none. I wish the best for every teen because i know the pressure young people experience.

  24. 00angie1

    I don’t know who you are referring to, maybe the rich people. We all have a conscience and beside the point i have not offended any body. Respect, moral, integrity begins at home. School is to educated you for a future career but values begins at home.

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