Substitute Teacher Sex

A Pasco county, FL substitute teacher has been arrested, accused of having sex with a 17-year old student. Deputies say he was 16 when she began the affair.

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25 responses to “Substitute Teacher Sex”

  1. KittyCorvette

    Savage, you’re just pissed because you got trolled and are thinking about not only killing yourself because of Youtube drama, but also closing your account. Shame!

  2. SavagetheHedgehog

    Why don’t YOU close your account, whore faggot.

  3. KittyCorvette

    Because I don’t go emo because some little kid bashes me on a website? 😀

  4. spitzbully

    To Talltom1973: What would be the best crime for these female sex offenders and how long should their sentence be??

  5. TheBagelBrotherz

    The police probably gave this kid a high five for fucking his teacher.

  6. fattygetsowned

    What a lucky kid

  7. AnimeStacks

    this pedofile need alot of prison time

  8. cdmanuel50

    wtf? the dad should be proud that his son is gettin laid

  9. Rickz

    lol dad was just jealous he wasnt gettin any

  10. Phr33Pur3

    Fuck, 40 years old? Nasty as fuck.

  11. ShyRobot

    When the wolf goes after Little Red Riding Hood then thats bad, but when Mother Goose goes after Jack the Beanstalk, you know he wants it too, so its all good!

  12. blah23

    this woman looks like a inbred redneck.

  13. fasthandsz

    FUCK why didnt this happen to me when i was in school. lol

  14. thatmetalsoldier

    shit, i fucked two of my teachers, so what

  15. Dash1281

    There should be more substitutes like her….

  16. MegaTiger32

    Damn i wish i wuz dat kid,that teacher is sexi az hell

  17. wizardprkiller

    Thats a hell of a story for the rest of that kids life…

  18. JimHrdz

    nice! lol


    lol……his playa hatin ass pops was jealous…..that’s why he called authorities…



  21. bamwuwuwuw

    Wow the expression “Let’s Screw around with the Substitute.” has a whole new meaning.

  22. Datkid7534

    why the fuck do kids open their mouth whenever something this good happens to them!

  23. Boxwoodz

    Where were these teachers when i was in school???? wtf!

  24. fano240


  25. SavagetheHedgehog

    You know what? I think you’re jealous and is unable to accept facts that I’m just better than you. Pity indeed.

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