Supertramp – Crime of the century (Lyrics)

Supertramp’s Crime of the Century with lyrics.

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22 responses to “Supertramp – Crime of the century (Lyrics)”

  1. dunderhumor2

    nice låt

  2. yikescat56

    YOUTUBE AARRRG ..deleted the one with Bush+Cheney as the GREEDY men…..BE CAREFUL OUT THERE! Thanks 4 this one (probably wont last long either ….

  3. ertdyuyik

    i never hear this song on the radio

  4. ertdyuyik

    this song have never play on the radio…
    goddam freemason and illuminati need 2 die
    and the jews need 2 chenge there way


    How about Einstein a-go-go by landscape?


    Confusion by ELO

  7. AriesViking

    The ones making comments here must be like 14 years old and younger. This was one of the greatest hits in the 70s and was played in clubs and on radios. I am not English, but can you at least try to write something that does not look like monkeytalk?

    For those who like Supertramp and hopefully know the group, this is simply one of the best groups and best songs from that era:)

  8. SuperFille98

    wery nice

  9. TheLyricsMan127

    @TTROLDSKOOL ok =)

  10. bigdbc

    @AriesViking I agree 100%. This is easily my favorite song by them and it has to be considered one of the greatest musical achievements ever. My dad had all their albums on vinyl. When he played this on the stereo in the family room (grew up in a Bi-Level-family room was on ground floor) the sound used to reverberate throughout the house. I’ll never forget hearing that while growing up. I have the remastered Crime of the Century album on CD. Add in the surround sound and it is mind-blowing.

  11. Turambar02

    @AriesViking from any era

  12. alvansinfor

    One of the best band ever, one of best songs ever… shit i wet my diapers

  13. alvansinfor

    One of the best band ever, one of best songs ever… holy sh***it i wet my diapers

  14. alvansinfor

    One of the best bands ever, one of best songs ever… holy sh***it i wet my diapers

  15. Fabbesson

    My favorite part is after 2:13 , soo epic! Great song!

  16. BIGmedia7

    @ertdyuyik are you stupid…

  17. ertdyuyik

    @bigmedia7 yes i am???????????????

  18. knight1768

    of course its punks that wouldnt know music or good tuneage,if it bit em thats why song after song today they are doing remakes,thats crap today,from spears 2 agulara whatever to beaver,to bitchen 2 a beat rap it all sounds the SAME these guys that try to sing,you will hear about today forget about tommorow,just reasearch ?do you hear about them like before?no,if you do?its cause of the stupid shit there doing,busted,hitten sombody,drugs.but ozzy,zepplin,rush,live on and on they are old and see!

  19. msmd5672

    I heard this song for the first time on the radio {WYCE W MI}.
    This is a great song.

  20. marklensCP

    i’m a younger man and i can see this is one of the best song’s in the all wolrd! I’m proud to have a father who show me the greaters band in the world… (:

    sorry for the bad english, but i’m from portugal! x)

  21. Quim9898

    Viva Supertramp es el mejor grupo del mundo

  22. diehardmetalhead

    @alvansinfor your a straight up faggot

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