supertramp School [ORIGINAL] W/ Lyrics

~~READ DESCRIPTION FOR LYRICS~~ Lyrics: I can see you in the morning when you go to school Dont forget your books, you know youve got to learn the golden rule, Teacher tells you stop your play and get on with your work And be like johnnie – too-good, well dont you know he never shirks – hes coming along! After school is over youre playing in the park Dont be out too late, dont let it get too dark They tell you not to hang around and learn what lifes about And grow up just like them – wont you let it work it out – and youre full of doubt Dont do this and dont do that What are they trying to do? – make a good boy of you Do they know where its at? Dont criticise, theyre old and wise Do as they tell you to Dont want the devil to Come out and put your eyes Maybe Im mistaken expecting you to fight Or maybe Im just crazy, I dont know wrong from right But while I am still living, Ive just got this to say Its always up to you if you want to be that Want to see that Want to see that way – youre coming along! Disclaimer: i do not own supertramp in any shape or form (no shit -.-”) im just a fan that thought that youtube needed a freaking original instead of the countless live performaces and covers

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25 responses to “supertramp School [ORIGINAL] W/ Lyrics”

  1. yoni0063

    Good times, thanks for the memories that flashed past when I heard this.. Good job on the sound too by the way..

  2. margadelsella

    Mi canción de todos los tiempos !!!!!!!!!

  3. jobsagoodn

    Suzuki GT 380, Southport Tech, Supertramp, = Fantastic memories!!!!!!!

  4. jobsagoodn

    Who was the girl with long blond hair that used to sit on the front steps with the fringed leather jacket ( Summer 1978)?
    Does any one remember?
    She was so cool!!!!

  5. vicens1942

    maravillosos,geniales,únicos SUPERTRAMP,que gozada sus canciones a pesar de los años transcurridos

  6. bpmanzoli

    tell u not to hang out and learn what life’s about … the nanny state mantra

  7. bpmanzoli

    the nanny state’s mantra

  8. TheriaultBmx

    WTF !!!!

  9. logic1012

    They really did have the most creative transitions

  10. gotamatch90

    Fortissimi!!!!! Grandissimi!!!!

  11. amy82561

    remember my old times in my s. luis de la paz. gto. mexico.

  12. ycart22p

    First heard this in the movie LITTLE DARLINGS ……..BRINGS BACK GREAT MEMORIES OF THE GREAT OL’ DAYS !!!!!!!

  13. Ozeanfieber

    great…great memories…and such perfekt old song……

  14. cuervond


  15. cdickenson64

    This is such a lyrically and musically powerful song! GOD I LOVE IT!!

  16. falconerH

    what a great song, even if he is connected with a very bad memory and experience in my life ……..
    in memory of very special person who died some years ago ……..


    anyone know where i can download this song without the vocals?

  18. qw2b

    That piano solo in the middle……wow!

  19. chatswart

    best song really amazing the piano solo kills

  20. rastababy222

    le monde ne pourra jamais s’en lasser…

  21. rimef

    Cette merveilleuse Chanson, t’es dediée tu resteras à Jamais dans mon Coeur!
    je t’aimais, je t’aime et je t’aimrais à Jamais!

  22. rimef


  23. SPNstuff82

    the harmonica part is awesome!! really great, super!

  24. trindiddy1

    i have no words for this amazement!

  25. bente37


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