Supertramp – School (with lyrics on screen!)

Supertramp with School! DISCLAIMER: I do not own this song nor Supertramp. All right reserved to Supertramp.

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9 responses to “Supertramp – School (with lyrics on screen!)”

  1. ZaRoeler

    doe You make me sick van egypt central want dies facking rielext man xD

  2. sonjanoordhoek

    Verry nice!!!!

  3. timeeh1991

    Thank you!

  4. tomcaat1

    i came up in their era , and now i’m a songwriter. whenever i need inspiration, or pointers on how to “build and shape” music, these guys are definitely one band i like to listen to! excellent reference!

  5. MarjaKamans

    A track… giving me the shivers… right down my spine and back again ! And that since I heard it for the first time… over 30 years ago.. I still cry my heart out when I hear the piano-solo..

  6. karlogillian

    My daughter Angie, (she is 8 years old) she asks me play this song in in my truck every time she rides with me,,,LOVE YOU ANGIE my daughter!!!!

  7. TheYukonQuest

    We played that one in High School in Germany in 13th class around 1987 a lot. (yeah, we do have to go to the 13th grade…). We also had to learn english…. Thanks, nice job !!

  8. dimarziotonezone23

    awesome song, its good that someone finally uploaded the studio version of this track

  9. daxklux

    1 person didn’t go to school in life.

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