Syria Genocide – Crime of the Century – Assad Rockets Rain Down On Homs 9-June-12

Syria – 11 Rockets Hit Homs with a few minutes – Live Televised Genocide – Thousands Die as UN Masturbates and as Obama Hides Behind Russia Veto as excuse to do nothing of significance to save the Syrian People أوغاريت هاااااااااااااام حمص القديمة لحظة سقوط 11 صاروخ وتدميرالمنازل بشكل كامل ج 19 6 Homs 6.flv Friday came to an end with the fall of 65 Martyrs Posted by abeer on June 9th, 2012 The Local Coordination Committees in Syria Friday came to an end with the fall of 65 martyrs, among them 3 children and 5 Free Syrian Army members. 18 martyrs were reported in Idlib; 14 in Daraa, among them 10 in Daraa Balad; 12 in Homs; 11 in the Damascus Suburbs; 6 in Damascus; 3 in Hama; and 1 in Deir Ezzor Damascus: A very intensive gunfire heard in many areas from Abbaseyin, Baghdad Street, Bab Touma and Qassa Damascus suburbs: Qatana: Gunfire continues of different weapons from the barrier of cemetery, Jala’ Square, Tawafiq and Saraya area Hama: Latamneh: Regime army barrier of Masasneh burned agricultural crops from the eastern direction Damascus: Huge explosions heard and rocked most of the capital’s neighborhoods along with intensive fire Damascus suburbs: Akraba: Regime army open fire at an evening demonstration Daraa: More than 10 were martyred today and many injured after a fierce shelling and random gunfire, numbers of wounded are increasing and there is a lack of blood in the hospitals with difficulty for injured to reach there Daraa: Huge explosion shook Daraa Al-Mahatta 

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8 responses to “Syria Genocide – Crime of the Century – Assad Rockets Rain Down On Homs 9-June-12”

  1. jessthark

    Sad sad sad that NOBODY interveens..everybody is full off excuses..may god help them

  2. TheAAzeez

    The UN can’t help them now. They must defend themselves and the surrounding Muslim countries must invade Syria, NOW.

  3. havabighed

    Russia: Really Unethical Soviets Supporting Insane Autocrats.


    The UN is overpaid and what is being done to stop this unbelievable horror.This is not the Nazis.That was over sixty five years ago.How can any one man do this to his own people while the lies of Assads Regime think they are fooling the world This Tyrant,Traitor should be arrested along with his murdering Barbaric Monsters.Assad is an evil man,If their is any justice for the children who were tortured,raped and murdered bye heinous cowards,Murderers have a far gruesome horror come judgement day

  5. Goodzillla1066

    I wonder why the sad-Ass-lickers loathe to make comments on such videos? Of course, what can they say? indiscriminate double-standartd 2face shabiha hypocrites will burn in HELL

  6. KiamDiamond

    what more proof does the world need, only the syrian army has access to this heavy artillery…NOT armed groups, or ,,, god bless the FSA, you are so brave in your fight, assad is commiting the worst of war crimes since the holocaust.. and we just sit here and let it happen, humanity should be before politics, how far have we come since WW2, and the atrocities commited there not far at all.. humanity should be ashamed

  7. Quierotortilla

    Well aimed, good shot.

  8. Quierotortilla

    Shut up with your allah akbar idiot.

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