Tainted – Safe Schools 2011 Official Entry

Facebook: on.fb.me Twitter: @BeingOmerKhan It only takes one polluted idea to corrupt a whole world. Ancaster High’s official entry into the ‘Crime Stoppers – Safe Schools 2011’ competition (maximum of 2-minute time limit). Starring: Adil Kayani as Jabir Omer Khan as Raymon Ali Altoum as Gordie Ezzeddine Moussa as Ed Hisham Elsadek as Home Owner Directed & Edited by: Omer Khan Written by: Omer Khan & Ariana Orasanin Filmed by: Ariana Orasanin Ayman Mohatarem Hamza Bilal Hisham Elsadek A special thanks to the Nelson Family and Ancaster High School for filming on set. Music: False Physics by Manic Maverick EXTENDED VERSION AND BLOOPERS COMING SOON. Rate, Comment and Subscribe please! Tell me what you think! For more videos like this one, visit the ‘BeingOmerKhan’ channel.

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7 responses to “Tainted – Safe Schools 2011 Official Entry”


    Ommer that was fuccn sick! The shot with him handing the spray can was really…powerfull?

  2. Ogalaga123

    AWESOME, u have to put me in one of ur movies bro

  3. ShanesTricks

    That was really well done dude, i liked it 🙂

  4. mehekmaz

    Great job!

  5. TheJ2341

    As always, an amazing video!

  6. yhamed124

    Wow nice video man

  7. dajman10000

    toy ;)

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