Teacher Accused of Sex Abuse

Nicole Howell , a teacher arrested with charges of sex abuse with a student, is fighting back in court, reports Sandra Hughes. Harry Smith talks to the former teacher about her case.

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14 responses to “Teacher Accused of Sex Abuse”

  1. BrandonJBlair

    That’s a shame, what she’s going through. I hope she’s proven innocent. The guy doing the damage to her is a FAKE and a TOTAL LIAR!!!!!!

  2. BarFAN21

    new kids on the block sucked alot of dick

  3. electricblue7

    Yeah Im sure the guy was a real “victim”….even if the allegations are true. The law is so fucking retarded…

  4. BeatingNgSource

    Yeah im a 16 year old guy, i would HATE to have sex with a hot teacher!

    Jesus what a fucked up story.

  5. machngunjoe

    Shes hot

  6. BeatsRoyale

    damn, that teacher has a nice rack! I’d hit it!

  7. vapren

    i hope the same ! some guys are so working on destroying other people’s lives just for nothing…
    16 year-old pervert moron!

  8. ourhorridmistake

    she’s not even that pretty. just a little chubby

  9. gregthegooner

    The first time i had sex was with my school teacher and i got expelled ,when i got home my dad said what did you get expelled for son ,i said for having sex with my english teacher ,he said thats my boy was it good son ,i said yes dad it was great but my arse was really sore after ————-my dad kicked my head in LOL

  10. rainbowalma

    I dont like her nose…

  11. BrandonJBlair

    I agree with you! She IS innocent, and hopefully, after that, they’ll have to get her job back. However, as for the 16-year-old, whoever he is, he better know this: at the end of this ordeal, he may get a HARD slap on the wrist from the court and his school for putting her through so much, but in the court of public opinion, he’ll be sentenced to a lifetime of disgrace and shame, without the possibility of redemption. Bank on it!

  12. Laogangstaa

    She’s Ugly!!!!!!!!

  13. ozzboy

    Kids today are given way too much power to destroy authority figures. We blindly believe them. As soon as the guy couldn’t describe her body of her appartment, the DA should have thrown it out. The DA’s are too concentrated on making a name for themselves politically, so they will send even un-win-able cases to trial. I think they have a bargan with the lawyers.

  14. music1fan2

    there had to be proof (texts) or she wouldn’t be charged. I bet there are records of texts. sicko.

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