Teacher Arrested at Salesian High School: Sexual Abuse

Police suspect a Catholic high school teacher had a prolonged sexual relationship with a 15-year-old student. Even before charges are filed, they arrest him on .5 million bond.

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25 responses to “Teacher Arrested at Salesian High School: Sexual Abuse”

  1. candygirldolce

    omg that was my pe class

  2. hop1pop

    omg, obviously you guys wouldnt suspect him, sex offenders are good at what they do.. She probably had a rape kit done and his DNA showed up other wise he would be released.

  3. 123turtleninja

    ha. same thing hapend at pitman high in turlock

  4. Cyanmoonstar

    haha stoopid freshman r on da vid
    but yea dis hella sucks bc bonds wuz a hella gewd bio teacher..i had him
    too bad he wuz fun

  5. AgentBlackX

    That dude is a pussy ass bitch, he needs to move on with his life and realize that none of us even WANT to talk to him. That is…unless he has those children’s books to pass out again! hahaha lame ass

  6. melonsideshow

    Weird. Salesians usually go for young boys, don’t they?

  7. jlubas

    Typical bullshit. I think the reason that Salesian was so defensive about this situation is that it would show that there would be egg on their face in that they hired a pedophile. Given the strict, rigid rules they have at Salesian, that doesn’t surprise me in that they would give the “we are always right” mentality. I know about it, I went there for four years. As a former student, I can honestly say that the worst four years of my life were spent there.

  8. alyssavincent09

    this is a whole bunch of bullshit seeing as how that same old ass dude was the one tryna sue salesian on some bullshit claim from 1970 about some priest who isnt even there anymore. and the school was trying to protect its students. you can say all you want about the it being an abuse case but if anyone got abused it was him seeing as he was the one who got seduced and whose life was ruined. no one reported it because it was all rumors and we all knew it was consentual

  9. DaylightRobberyCA

    Oh Salesian… Oh YouTube…

    Oh damn…

  10. DaylightRobberyCA

    That guy with the flyers is a douchebag

  11. richmondyayarea

    man hes retarded for that. i knew him, i go there. i never knew he was like that though.

  12. irishpunk1089

    i agree that dudes a little off and seems liek a hippie but no teacher can just go and fuck a student because even if it is consensual its still statautory rape and its a law take law in a free society in high school and youll see abouyt all that shit

  13. williamsobieski86

    One thing that is so ironic is that Salesian High School will go bonkers about superficial shit like students hanging out in certain parts of the school, not letting them get access to their lockers until 8:45, a stupid mascot, or dress code but will totally not know about hiring a teacher (who in all actuality holds the lives of the students in their hands) who might be a pedophile. As a former student the four years I spent there were the worst of my life.

  14. williamsobieski86

    Anybody who would keep their kid there after knowing this is a douchebag.

  15. williamsobieski86

    Looks like you need an english teacher too

  16. DaylightRobberyCA

    But really though, the superficial shit is really telling about the way that school works and I have seen it first hand. Decisions get handed down from some shadowy administrative cabal, and try as you might, you can never get them to take any community input seriously. They make up their minds and do it, everyone else be damned.

  17. williamsobieski86

    Yep… They think they are right no matter what

  18. williamsobieski86

    I wonder why…

  19. williamsobieski86

    I wonder who it was who gave me the negative?

  20. williamsobieski86

    Well who was it?

  21. williamsobieski86

    God after the four shitty years I spent at that hellhole I can’t even bother to watch this video on youtube.

  22. williamsobieski86

    Don’t have the balls to say who you are?

  23. rja826

    then quit watching it and shut the fuck up. as youve stated so many times, youve graduated & you spent “4 shitty years” there so quit fucking whining and move on.

  24. jnight

    why it was me whos was doing all the damn negatives so what the fuck are you going to do?

  25. jnight

    pussy faggot even if i gave you my god damn address it still wouldnt matter you aint doin shit.

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