Teacher arrested on suspicion of attempted murder of pupil

A teacher is being questioned after three students were allegedly assaulted at a Nottinghamshire school and one left with severe head injuries.. Follow us on twitter at twitter.com

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25 responses to “Teacher arrested on suspicion of attempted murder of pupil”

  1. bessss4

    i go to that school and the wepon he used was hevey mesuring weights
    speak to me for more info

  2. seaneatspie

    bessss4 Shut the fuck up. I go to the school aswell and I know as well as you do, NO ONE KNOWS THE FACTS BUT THOSE INVOLVED SO DONT GO SPREADING ANYTHING YOU HEARTLESS COW

  3. Mr666Saint

    what the teacher did was wrong, but i reckon the kid totally provoked him into it, little cunt

  4. Mr666Saint

    i bet the little bastard will think twice before he goes mouthing off in future…

  5. jockmctavish2

    It must’ve taken quite some provocation for the teacher to resort to that level of violence. Parents need to begin to take responsibility for their kids. The treatment of teachers these days and the expectations on them to deal with continuous misbehaviour rather than academics is appauling.

  6. RsDezDude

    Yeah right.

  7. Mr666Saint

    given the amount of abuse teachers have to take from asshole kids who’ve been brought up to think they can get away with doing whatever they like, i’m surprised incidents like this don’t happen a lot more often

  8. nuuuurrr

    Fair play that man , little snotty shit obviously needed a good slap , gobby little runt, about time we had a national wack a teenager week once a year , that’ll teach the worthless little bastards to carry knives about n’ mug o.a.p’s, chin the lot of ’em .

  9. vanderpant2116

    was the kid he hit a problem child???

  10. sweetem200

    I wouldnt say beating his head with a weight iron was a ‘good slap’. No matter what the child said there was no reason at all to attack him like that. Yes maybe the teacher did have some health problems but the situation could have been resolved alittle more professionally. Dont you think ? That boy could die and because of what? Calling the teacher a Phycho ? Sticks and stones…

  11. sweetem200

    Its true he did use a heavy iron weight, if you read the paper then you would ive known this

  12. BBFalconShot

    Yes! I go to that school and Mr. Harvey has been my Science teacher for nearly 5 years, he’s such a great man! He’d never do anything intentionally!

  13. sweetem200

    I do think that some school kids are dis-respectful to the teachers but there was no need at all for that teacher to do that

  14. BBFalconShot

    Shut the hell up, Max. On behalf of all the children at OUR school you should shut the hell up. Mr. Harvey is such a good teacher, he’d never do anything intentionally.

  15. bambalambam

    I am so happy to hear that some little bitch Brit got fucked up. The guy at 1:10 sounds like a complete retard wanker.

  16. nightwulfe01

    I’m not suprised what some teachers have to go through its a miracle things like this dont happen more often.

  17. rb1601

    A lot of people become teachers without the right psychological mindset. There should be more psychological assessments in the recruitment process.

  18. Mr666Saint

    i think the definition “problem child” doesn’t get used anymore. probably because almost all of todays school kids would qualify as problem children…

  19. RsDezDude

    I’ve just seen the paper..but still, over the internet, i could say i went to that school, when i could live in a different area in the country, or even another country..

  20. RsDezDude

    No, he was’nt, he was just sticking up for this girl he knew.

  21. RsDezDude

    Happens all the time over here, just not in schools. the Kid was not a little bitch, he was sticking up for this girl he knew..not like in canada..where everyone is a pussy…

  22. sweetem200

    Im not saying i believe that he does go to that school, im just saying that it was a weight iron.

  23. copewood333

    That’s one lesson the cheeky little bastard won’t forget: Don’t provoke, insult or goad those who have become mentally unstable, especially those who suffer mental stress daily because of relentless pupil misbehaviour. It’ s a lesson his useless parents should have taught him.

  24. jollyboble

    Should have smacked the girl one while he was at it; in for a penny….

  25. bonjourrhannah

    you will never lose my respect.

    🙁 such a gentle soul.

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