Teacher Faces 40 Lashes for ‘Muhammad’ Teddy Bear

A British primary school teacher arrested in Sudan faces up to 40 lashes for blasphemy after letting her class of 7-year-olds name a teddy bear Muhammad. Gillian Gibbons, 54, from Liverpool, was arrested at at Khartoum’s Unity High School yesterday, and accused of insulting the Prophet of Islam. More here: www.foxnews.com -AND- news.sky.com

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25 responses to “Teacher Faces 40 Lashes for ‘Muhammad’ Teddy Bear”

  1. 1shafiq1

    right people, this event has finsished, the woman Gillian Gibbons was et o afetr a plea from MUSLIMS from the UK to the sudanese government. by the way she was not given 40 lashed and spent just 8 days in prison. So all your pathetic comments about how brutal muslims are is pathetic.

  2. ThanxALott

    Most people KNOW how brutal and oppressive most Muslims countries are. If this hadn’t been broadcast all over the world, she no doubt would have been beaten severely, and probably imprisoned. That would have shown “how brutal muslims are” which is “pathetic” in many of these 7th century throw-back countries. The CIVILIZED PEOPLE from NON-ISLAMIC countries SAVED HER – that’s factual.

    Don’t fool yourself 1shafiq1 or Kaza1st (below), Westerners saved her, NOT the Sudanese government – PERIOD.

  3. missbouch

    I hear you Tralman…this is the best comment and the best way to discribe so called muslims.

  4. allahbahar

    You can never have a civil and logical debate or discussion from people that reads a 7th century old book written by a barbaric pedophile man who married his brother’s 6 year old daughter.

  5. VionaCA

    What Does 40 Lashes mean?

  6. dreamer216


  7. fotino1

    She will be beaten 40 times with a rod.

  8. hiflysi

    Since this incident, every time I take a dump I name it Mohammed.
    What repressive medievil bullshit.

  9. youkn0wme

    I named my SHIT! Mohammed once….

    What are they gona do! Its Humour get a life you sad quran bashers! all religions are illusions!

  10. abcass

    I, on the other hand, named Mohammed my shit….

    Oh my God! I just insulted my shit.

  11. Outstep31

    I hav just started calling my Teddy Bear ‘Muhammad’ Got some 2 say about that! lash me, come on then. lol
    Am from england. You lot can go back 2 the medieval period! 40 lashes. FUCKING STUPID!

  12. Outstep31


  13. Naruubi

    what about the ppl called mohammed?! isn’t that the same shiat? mohammed can go fuck a stick! fucking smelly bastard

  14. sheptropremix


    Just for naming a teddy bear muhammad. how is that insulting the prophet? How many fucking names are there of muhammad in this world.. like its the most commonly used name in the world. the sudanese are a bunch of retarded niggers. im not racist. but fuck them. i have a good reason to be

  15. liberiason

    40 lashes means 40 whips on the behind

  16. OghoolBalla

    Fucking Barbarians

  17. ClarksonsinUSA

    Maybe the Brits need to stop sending their teachers to places like Muslim Africa..

  18. SuperSubscriberMan

    Fuck islam, Fuck allah, Fuck religion!

  19. marian3922

    Great video response! It is shame to name a teddy bear Mohammed though; after all the killing made in his name.

  20. speedytangent22

    lolz y british punks:) whtever u say now no matter how bad u curse islam

    all hail sudanese!!!!!! wohahahahahaha
    40 lashes !!!!! lolz:) cant stop laughin at the poor british teacha!~

  21. OrangUtanMileynum

    I am a muslim and have a pet terrapin name Mohamed. But i dont think it is wrong because of my niat (intention) which was to give my pet an identity. I think some muslims are really sensitive and over-reacting. As long as your niat(intention) is pure and not for the sake of condemning/ insulting a religion, i do believe it is acceptable. I dont think this woman has that niat (intention) of insulting Islam tho’.

  22. Estaah77

    Nope this just shows how insane you Muslims really are. May Allah shove a cattleprod up your ass at Mecca while kissing the vagina at Kaba.

  23. eunicep79

    The news say the 7-year-old named the bear Mohammad. The teacher only allowed the kid to name it. She was not the one who suggested the name so she’s innocent here. Too bad the majority of the Sudan Muslims don’t agree with you.

  24. Zeno1999

    Now u ve balanced mind to think that way; how many muslims actually do that. Most are ignorant of what’s written in Quran.

    To learn more check out : “The Politically Incorrect Guide to Islam (and the Crusades)” by Robert Spencer; Fitna on youtube.


    You would think that the great prophet of a major world religion, mohammed, would have more important things to be offended at than having a teddy bear named after him.

    If I were him, I’d be more offended about the millions of pakis named after me.

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