Teacher pulled from class for growing pot at home

A Spokane Valley school teacher is on paid leave after he was arrested for growing marijuana at his home. kxly4’s Jeff Humphrey reports.

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15 responses to “Teacher pulled from class for growing pot at home”

  1. MikeCANN

    Nice neighbor. When the teacher has to sell his home because he can’t work or afford to defend himself, I hope a real criminal like a child molester or the head of a cult or something crazy moves in. Some people deserve to live next to real criminals so they can tell the difference. Calling the cops on a neighbor who is a teacher for a couple of pot plants? She probably thinks she did a great thing, great job mrs. nosy neighbor, you just won the award biggest snitch of the year.

  2. kittenkiller69696969

    should’ve grown indoors.

  3. VooDooSam11

    Indoor grow-ops are worth there weight in bud! anyone with half a brain knows DTA (dont trust anyone. A teacher with NO COMMON SENSE hmmm I guess thats why he is a teacher…lol

  4. bluelightguy1

    overgrow the government

  5. voyagerrocket

    lol right on! xD

  6. travnotronic

    i wish that my teacher did that.

  7. zacheryandersen

    if everyone grew the pot they smoked there’s no way law enforcement would be able to keep up. plus all the drug deals that sell pot and other harder drugs would be cut out of the equation. all i do is smoke so i’d never see a drug dealer again.

  8. jacob7207

    3 plants. dear lord. What a crime.

  9. empbac

    Aww, that poor teacher. Arrested for gardening, people, that’s what this country has come to… “Manufacturing controlled substances” my hairy white ass. Pot is the most natural thing in the world.

    I plan to grow my own for personal use as well, but it will be indoors so that nosy neighbors don’t get me busted and thrown in jail for nothing.

    Fuck our government. I hope it crumbles to the ground and that these anti-marijuana policy-setters get a proper trial. They’re the criminals, not me.

  10. LBCLilRaskal

    i 100 percent agree with you. wat a big snitch.

  11. whalefish83

    next year in the country i live in each person can grow three plants LEGALLY.

    the police have no real laws to enforce anymore concerning peoples personal lives and everybody gets on just fine.

  12. StarrySkyes

    so where am I moving too?

  13. habstick2

    By teaching to kids I agree that he needs to smoking cannabis after work at home.

  14. mehlhorn08


  15. QunahMelchizedec

    i say that all the cannabis smokers everywhere band together and all start growing it EVERYWHRE!!! cannabis will grow just about anywhere outside too. People need to grow some nuts and just fucking GROW!! There’s no way that police have enough resources to bust everyone who smokes weed for growing it. GROW GROW GROW GROW GROW GROW GROW!!! everyone grow your own!!!!!!!!!!

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