Teacher Sex Scandal

Debra Lafave arrested again.

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25 responses to “Teacher Sex Scandal”

  1. Imstillkindacool

    Debra LaFave is so hot, I never would have said anything to ANYBODY about it if that meant she would still be blowing me. Where the hell ARE these sexed up teachers?!?! I mean, damn. I’m moving there.

  2. Love4MusicGirl03

    the last lady is super dumb lol.. pay a fine?!!! hahaha are you serious!??? that is soooo stupid!

  3. GeorgeyBoy13

    omg the blonde one at 3:04 I would sooo let her give me oral lol no joke.

  4. spitzbully

    To Imstillkindacool: Debra Lafave is a sick pedophile who deserves 40 years to life in prison for having sex with that 14 year old boy. And if you dont see a problem with that, i have no doubts in my mind that you fondle with your own kids. It makes me wonder why people like you dont deserve to have kids because i have my suspicions that your a child molestor yourself

  5. spitzbully

    To Maserati7200: Your Liberal oppinions are quite frightening. Just listen to yourself the way you are coddling with this pedophile Debra Lafave. Would you still be denying this as rape had Debra lafave been an African American black women or an obese women having sex with a 13 year old girl?? How would you feel if Debra Lafave had sex with your 13 year old daughter or possibly had sex with a bunch of nursery school kids?? I have no doubts in my mind that you are a supporter of NAMBLA

  6. spitzbully

    To Moodydoyle: So are you trying to imply something here that you support and glorify what this pedophile Debra Lafave did such as having sex with a 14 year old boy?? What part of the term “pedophile” dont you understand?? what part of the term “child molestor” dont you understand?? Debra Lafave is every bit of the same discrace as those guys are on “To catch a predator” with Chris Hansen. Only thing is she is worse than those online chatters. Continue:

  7. spitzbully

    Continue: while they only aimed the gun, Debra Lafave pulled the trigger

  8. spitzbully

    To helraven93: Wow your Liberal comments are quite creepy. Do you molest kids of your own by anychance?? You say there is nothing wrong with Debra Lafave molesting this 14 year old child?? What if this were your 14 year old daughter that Debra Lafave had sexual encounters with ha?? What if Debra lafave had sexual encounters with a bunch of preschool kids and desided to have sex with your 3 year old son ha?? If this women isnt a pedophile then i dont know what a pedophile is.

  9. spitzbully

    To Beshimi: So are you saying what Pamela rogers did was ok?? Pamela Rogers is a sick pedophile who oughta be branded for life. Pamela Rogers and Debra Lafave should have gotten the books thrown at them and if it were me, without any mercy i would have had these two child molestors in prison for 40 years

  10. spitzbully

    To Love4MusicGirl03: Umm what part of the term “pedophile” dont you understand?? This is exactly what Debra lafave is is a pedophile who oughta be branded for life. This women had sex with a student multiple times and didnt get justice thrown at her?? Do you think this is fair while other grownmen who commited a crime far less than that nature is serving 15 years in prison??

  11. helraven93

    ok ok wat i meant was she is hot. and if the boy is willing then i find no wrong in it. but if the boy was forced or a girl is forced then i see it as a wrong.
    thas wat i meant.
    and i am not that sic k. im only 16

  12. Beshimi

    no, you dolt. if you would work on your reading comprehension, you would see that NOWHERE in my post did i say that what she did was okay. i said that the fact that they are calling the boys VICTIMS is ridiculous. there doesn’t have to be a victim in order for something to be reprehensible. where i stand on the moral issue of this is a completely different matter. get a grip, man. you’ve been coming back to this video and ranting for months now.

  13. Maserati7200

    Dude this is coming from a 16 year old guy. There is something you have to get through your thick scull: it isn’t rape if the guy wanted it. If I had a hot teacher like her I would dream of having sex with her. The guy clearly wanted it badly. And it ddoesnt matter who has sex with who, if both parties wanted it,there is nothing

  14. spitzbully

    To Maserati7200: I bet you wouldnt be thinking this way right now had Debra Lafave been a man and we can all buck on that

  15. aurrorra

    What part of STATUTORY rape don’t you understand you stupid moron? It doesn’t matter if he ‘wanted it’, he was still underage and her as a TEACHER should of known better.

    Sick of fucking idiots making excuses for female paedophiles.

  16. Maserati7200

    Okay. Let’s say the 13 year old guy forcibly had sex with his teacher (say he had a gun or some kind of threat). Did the teacher rape him by giving in to his threats? I want to see how you’re mind works. Because according to you, Adult having sex with minor = rape no matter what. He 13 year old boys are post pubescent, so it isn’t pedophilia.

  17. oyvindgul

    Lucky bastard!

  18. Love4MusicGirl03

    look you need to calm down. cuz first of all you apparently didnt watch the whole video or you didnt read what i wrote…

    i was making fun of that “pedophile” as you want to call her and waht she is..
    cuz she actually thought she could fix it by paying a fine.. and that’s what i was talking about..

    but anyways.. a chill pill for you would suit you well

  19. spitzbully

    To aurrorra: These liberal hypocrites basically dont think with their brains with common sense but choose to think with their dicks. I think its about time we shove some sanity into their heads because these are Nasty liberal lunatics who coddle with child molestors. They choose not to blame the teacher who had sex with the minor as if to say that its ok that she broken the law

  20. spitzbully

    To Maserati7200: How can you say that Debra lafave isnt a pedophile after when she had sex with a 13 year old who barely went through puberty yet?? If that is the case, then what do you call it when a 25 year old man has sex with a 13 year old girl??? Thats exactly what Debra Lafave is is a pedophile. And at a legal standpoint when you have sex with a 13 year old wether if you are male or female, it is rape force or not. Why dont you go and have sex with a 13 year old girl and Continue:

  21. spitzbully

    Continue: tell me if you dont have sexual assault and rape charges held against you. I know a guy who chatted online with a 13 year old girl who was younger than Debra Lafave. And look at where he is now!!!. he is going away to prison alot longer than a rapest all because he typed on the computer keyboard to a 13 year old girl without having actual sex

  22. Imstillkindacool

    Thank you for your opinion on my comment. It was quite funny to read, actually, because I know I’m not a pedophile, and for you to call me one is mind-blowing and hilarious to me. You should pull the stick out of your ass and stop trying to make enemies on youtube. IT’S A FUCKING WEBSITE! PEOPLE ARE GOING TO HAVE ODD OPINIONS ABOUT THINGS! You need to accept that. Also, if Debra LaFave was a man, the boy probably wouldn’t have wanted it. Also, you have 11 videos up about feet.

  23. Imstillkindacool

    and I find that weird, But I’m not flaming you about it! Also, You’ve been blocked. Jeez….

  24. luisloves2pk

    the fag force strong with this one…..i wish that be me:)

  25. maskedspunker69

    lucky fuckin kid! blow jobs and shaved pussy! if he kept his mouth shut he would get some brown eye too…she is hot,makes me spunk all over

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