CLAYTON COUNTY, Ga. (MyFOX ATLANTA) – A Clayton County school teacher faced shocking allegations Monday night. Randolph Forde is accused of making terroristic threats against a 16-year-old student. Forde was out of jail on bond Monday night and placed on paid administrative leave. Forde was charged with making terroristic threats last month after he allegedly got into an altercation with a 16-year-old student. “A teacher threatens to kill your child, that’s the most disturbing, and the most …

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22 responses to “TEACHER TELLS STUDENT “I’M PUTTING A HIT ON YOU” — NOV 17th 2009”


    This is called a Terrorist Threat – and Fort Hood was a random shooting.

  2. robn8r72

    Welcome to Obama’s America!

  3. Bloodsport1

    what does that have to do with Obama? Tired of you people blaming Obama for everything that happen. You acting like Obama been president for the past 10 years?


    Bammie the alley pimp did ten years worth of spending in 10 months. I suppose we’re not s’possed to mention it since he’s black, umm, actually bronze, since he’s 100% Kenyan, which is a distinct color of black. So, yea, we should be afraid to say anything. O’ Bammie, the great bronze hope is all Muslim smoke and Kenyan mirrors. The white folks won’t shaddup about it….. Racists, can’t live with em, can’t kill em.

  5. Bloodsport1

    what the hell are you talking about? Again whats this have to do with Obama? How do you know he’s 100% Kenyan? Did you make any videos about Bush stealing the elections? Probaly not.


    “How do you know he’s 100% Kenyan?”

    I’ve seen his Birth Certificate. Many of us have. We ain’t blind.

  7. panzer903

    the news media told people that polls were closed but areas in Florida that mostly republican were still open. during the recount they wanted to throw out the overseas ballets (Military, largely republican) so the election was only almost stolen.

  8. LaReinaDelBarrio

    I’m glad being bullied in school and called faggot by a teacher is now being called terrorism – I always said so. This teacher needs to be investigated, his computer taken to be checked for child pornography or underage girls (or boys for that matter) and be suspended WITHOUT PAY. Look how evil and mean he looks. Why do so many black people hate gay people and want to have them killed? I for one am not attracted to and do not WANT your men! We don’t take them, THEY… LEAVE… YOU!!

  9. quaffer22

    @ LaReinaDelBarrio

    Wiat a damned minute !!!
    This suite lies SOLELY on HEARSAY.
    This is EXACTLY the problem with “hate-crime” legislation.

    One needs to merely accuse someone of saying something, to convict and silence moral dissent.

    The destructiveness of Political Correctness at its best.

  10. LaReinaDelBarrio

    Its not hearsay, the teacher started it by inapporpriately asking the student outside to ask him about his sexualit, a minor child! NOW who’s the freak? Hearsay my ass, this happens all the time in schools across the country. Get a whole new crop of teachers, save money. FIRE BEFORE RETIRE.

  11. LaReinaDelBarrio

    It would also be a hate crime for a drag queen to jam a high heel shoe up your ass too – but only if the drag queen was hunting straights to bash them. If it was in self defense, you gonna have an interesting ride home.

  12. quaffer22

    Spoken as a real radical, that insists that religious folk are somehow guilty of a thought crime.

    To imply that verbal expressions are acts of “terrorism” is A STRETCH beyond comprehension.
    Spare the world your hatefulness, that accumulatively disagrees with your views, at a margine of 99 to 00.1 percent.
    Your views are quite un-acceptable.
    Do yourself a favor by keeping them to yourself.
    Your views should be deemed to be potentially terroristic.

  13. LaReinaDelBarrio

    He was telling soldiers to blow up things! Where have you been, under a rock?

  14. LaReinaDelBarrio

    Quaffer22, I also said nothing about religion although it was religous folk who contributed money to take rights away from Americans in California. You couldn’t possibly have seen all of my 200 plus videos in an hour. Are you still beating your wife?

  15. quaffer22

    Listen, LaReinaDelBarrio.
    I. for one, heard the intro to the video.

    The fellow reporting [in part] says this:
    “Shocking ALLEGATIONS”
    I understand how it is that radicals, such a yourself, misconstrue and decipher events to your own liking.

    Political Correctness, as we know it, is will soon meet a grissly fate.

  16. LaReinaDelBarrio

    And there was allegedly a balloon boy in the balloon – and when it landed they whacked it mercilessly with a shovel. Teh boy’s alleged parent is a felon now.


    They whacked the balloon [not the basket] to prevent the wind from taking it back up. Just two guys were on it at first. Your analysis of things seem rather skewed. You wouldn’t be a registered Democrat or Islamic Suicide Soldier would you? I can’t tell the difference anymore.

  18. LaReinaDelBarrio

    You obviously don’t know about the many music videos I produced making fun of Westboro Baptist Church, over a dozen of them, soldier. Thank you for your service by the way.


    Ok, thanks for the reality check, was just wondering about the shovel whacking comment.

  20. JoeyBoya

    This guy should be locked up for years… how disgusting, Im sorry to the poor kid and his family

  21. GalloRomansUnite

    we have to wipe white people from the face of the earth

  22. TomasRosado7

    lol I Went to Mundy’s Mill nd I Dont Even Remember This Teacher Working There
    but I Bet I Know Who He Was Talking to Though.

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