Teaching is Not a Crime: Challenging Virginia’s Unconstitutional Regulation of Yoga Teacher Training

PLEASE SUBSCRIBE TO OUR YOUTUBE CHANNEL. WE APPRECIATE YOU WATCHING, RATING AND SHARING OUR VIDEOS. In Virginia, you can teach anyone anything—except how to earn an honest living. www.ij.org Anyone in Virginia can do yoga, and anyone can teach yoga. But, incredibly, it is illegal to teach people to teach yoga. Yoga-teacher training is just the latest target of vocational school licensing laws that require countless entrepreneurs to ask the governments permission before opening their mouths …

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16 responses to “Teaching is Not a Crime: Challenging Virginia’s Unconstitutional Regulation of Yoga Teacher Training”

  1. CristmasFRICKENTiger

    so true!!!

  2. lazydragon88

    SO TRUEEE!!!

  3. CrizazyBender

    dude this is so cool

  4. truthadvocate

    Separation of economy and state!

    Government regulation hurts consumers, raises prices, reduces productivity & wealth, & reduces free competition in the market place that is necessary to increase quality and lower price. Government regulation is destructive. It’s the opposite of freedom. It’s nothing more than coercion, threats and intimidation. It doesn’t belong in a civilized world.

  5. suzannelwise

    Del.Bulova in the W.Post is quoted as saying that he is not flexible enough for yoga. This comment is a major part of the problem. If you are just doing the poses, then you cannot claim to be practicing yoga. It is not an external practice. Rather it is investigation & understanding of our self.
    Who is the yoga(ini) here…the one who can handstand and goes home and kicks the dog or the one who cannot touch their toes but is kind & courteous to friends, family and strangers alike.

  6. ginnyloving

    Del. Bulova states..” you don’t regulate unless you have a defined problem..” & also says that he is not convinced there is a problem. Could the proposed gov.regs be a transparent ploy by the Commonwealth to re-line coffers hit by the recent real estate debacle? Yoga schools teach about physical postures- & holistic, altruistic views of the world. Shamefully, these havens will be run under by the Old Dominion’s need for cash. Pick on someone your own size, VA!

  7. israelandersonvideo

    This is hilarious. Because… most (not all) Yoga lovers (I have nothing against yoga) are extreme lefties. So here’s your wonderful left-wing socialist ideology coming to bite your ass, or rather, bite the hand that feeds it. If you advocate the removal of people’s property through taxation, which is the removal of their freedoms, then please, PLEASE don’t complain when it has unintended consequences.

    And just FYI, I am not a “right-winger”, I’m libertarian and reject both sides equally.

  8. MooseOfReason

    @israelandersonvideo How’s that relevant to the video?

  9. Vinyls03

    This is a great cause worth fighting for. LRY and studios like it are in danger and as someone who has found so much joy and enlightenment in this practice, I would hate to seeing anyone deny people of that freedom. Please pass the word along and protect yoga in Virginia

  10. debbykirkman

    As far as I can tell, these regulations are not solving any problems. This looks like a case of unnecessary regulation. I do think, however, that those who are avocating to remove the regulation are using the wrong argument. It’s not a freedom of speech issue because the studios are charging for instructor training. No one is restricted from teaching for free. A stronger argument needs to be set up to be compelling in a Virginia court.

  11. thephranc

    It’s all about that money not safety just money. Disgusting government.

  12. superCatia

    Here in my country there are many quack studios, releasing quack teachers. Maybe that’s the point, the government is trying to make this serious. Anyway, certain breathing techniques and positions are dangerous, and it is better to be shure to go to a qualified teacher.

  13. manco82

    israelandersonvideo – right on dude! That’s exactly what I thought. Yoga people are 99% left-wingers who LOVE taxing and regulating the crap out of everyone. Now it’s come back to bite their ass and they don’t like it. Def feels good!!!

  14. dolfyn6

    Yoga should not be regulated. The government doesn’t specialize in yoga!!!

  15. bodyattackrocks

    Virginia should back off! Let the studios focus on teaching Yoga, not government fees and regulations

  16. Ramshobraja

    Lol. so true. Here is liberalism coming back to bite them in the ass. Quite funny.

    Libertarians ftw!

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