Teens Arrested For “Thought Crimes”! Police State/Big Brother

The Future is NOW, and if this story doesn’t concern you, you’re simply not paying attention. We’ve crossed the threshold into a Brave New World where citizens no longer have to actually commit a crime to be arrested. Now, if the authorities deem that you are even “thinking” about what they perceive as a “crime”, you can be found GUILTY!

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15 responses to “Teens Arrested For “Thought Crimes”! Police State/Big Brother”

  1. FIZZEL415



    One step closer to Minority Report!!!!

  3. usergently

    “Imagine the future, with a boot in your face forever” – George Orwell – from the book “1984”.

  4. UkTruthSeeker2009

    Wow Thought Crime so when do the police arrest Politicians then for thinking of attacking Iran

  5. CitizenRaisingCain

    The attack dogs just happened to be at the school for a “training exercise.” Just like the mock-terrorism exercises that took place on the morning of the 7/7 London terrorist attacks and 9/11. What a coincidence!!

  6. CitizenRaisingCain

    @UkTruthSeeker2009 For that they get a Nobel Peace Prize.

  7. flytomars2012

    anyone surprised? the kikes doing their job..

  8. bornfromabove

    The Bible said this is going to happen and now its coming true. Better read your Bibles and stay as close to Jesus as possible. He is your only hope. Not some politician, Pesident, new economic plan or anything else. Americas problem is spiritual in nature-namely we have forsaken God. Kicked Him out of our country and now we stand on our proud self reliance. Unless we repent and return to Jesus, our demise is absolute!

  9. UkTruthSeeker2009

    @CitizenRaisingCain LOL Yes & those kids should be awarded one Instead at least they are for the good of the country.
    Sounds like they were trying to make an example of those kids ” Start a stir on line ”
    get them angry so they will let us get on with being the cause of WIII 😉

  10. bjmaverick

    Your ALWAYS an auto=matic LIKE!
    Thom is Great…
    Thank You

  11. MagnitudeOfSoul


  12. DREDD2001AD

    Thumbs Up.
    Check Out My Wake Up Song.
    Bubble Love XXX

  13. cmh17a

    what country is this from?

  14. 11bensamuel11

    281 views and only 13 likes someone isnt doing there job
    anyone who looks at this stuff set up accounts and press the thumbs up its not that hard set ur account to auto sighn in as u cant hide ur self on the internet anyways this will save u time and become fluent

  15. Julia76087

     arrested for a thought crime…wow!

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