The Classic Crime Goes To Haiti, Part 3

Part Three: The School and Church Episode from The Classic Crime’s journey to Haiti in November 2009. Please support Haiti disaster relief by pre-ordering their album “Vagabonds” at the link below. All profits go directly to earthquake relief in Haiti. “Vagabonds” is available in stores and online April 6th. You can also join their Facebook cause to help spread awareness and donate directly to Jesus in Haiti Ministries here:

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13 responses to “The Classic Crime Goes To Haiti, Part 3”

  1. HardcoreSelections

    woo first comment 😛

  2. runningspirit15

    Touching and kudos to you all! 😀

  3. GanstaDJ0208


  4. heavenboundpunk

    Guys, these videos are awesome! I’m on the edge of my seat for each one!

  5. GoddessofEggrolls

    Those two little boys were so cute. <33

  6. RPgirl7

    i loved the 2 little boys they were adorable!! <3

  7. BrainSeepsOut

    Yeah, i hope it’ll be worth it.

    Haitans are people who beat up garden hoses.

  8. ajbuck87

    robbie is my hero!

  9. RosabellaMusic

    classic crime are in my top 5 favorite bands. Great sound guys.

  10. jotifman


  11. L337EE

    I love how these people don’t talk about it…but do something about it. This band is awesome. not just for their music, but their care for others.

  12. mtrashboy

    u guys are AMAZING!
    Cant wait to hear the rest of the songs in the new album.
    Keep doing what u guys do for God

  13. ToddHakes

    Gonna go see the launch of the new album in April \m/
    It’s gonna be EPIC!

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