The Classic Crime Goes To Haiti, Part 3

The school and church. In November 2009 The Classic Crime went to Haiti, this is footage from their trip. Go to to pre-order tcc’s new record “Vagabonds.” All profits go to support the people you see in these clips.

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5 responses to “The Classic Crime Goes To Haiti, Part 3”

  1. Aelin777

    Simply amazing guys!!!!

    Btw- I think Solar Powered Life is going to be my new favorite song ever!! (My favorite right now is “The Way That You Are”)

  2. CBartlett123

    I love it!!!!

  3. sykwytedgomer

    haha i see you had to reupload and change “stay tuned for part 3” to “stay tuned for part 4”. i caught that mistake the first time i watched the video earlier today.

    still cant wait for vagabonds!

  4. firecat182

    This must have been such an amazing experience for your guys and I really appreciate you sharing it. I’ve enjoyed every video and its really opening my eyes.

  5. runningspirit15

    The part when the two little boys laughed when seeing themselves in the camera. . .Oh my lanta touched me SO much and I almost cried. Such a precious experience I’m sure! 😀

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