The Columbine Killers – Mass School Shooting Crime Documentary

The Columbine Killers – Mass School Shooting Crime Documentary On 20th April 1999, in Littleton, Colorado, two high-school seniors, Eric Harris, 18, and Dyla…

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6 responses to “The Columbine Killers – Mass School Shooting Crime Documentary”

  1. James Smith

    Looks like people don’t like it when their victims fight back.

    Even today, there are those who think they are entitled to destroy other peoples lives through bullying and persecution.

    I don’t think Columbine High School is laughing at these people anymore. Not every bullying victim will simply go hang themselves while everyone else laughs.

    Don’t create monsters then complain when they act like monsters.

  2. Corey Randall

    @James Smith if it was a mattle of fighting bullies back they would have targeted the ones who bullied them. Instead they attacked the whole school and killed indiscriminately. Therefor they died like the cowards they are. I’m sorry
    You’re comment make it seem like you’re trolling lol. Here’s some advice incase someone is bullyi g you; since you seem to relate so much to these lames. Go after the ones that’s guilty, don’t kill innocent people. you crackers love to do that..

  3. jdro554

    This dude below me is a racist piece of shit

  4. James Smith

    I like the way you people try to educate me before cleaning up your own back yard.

    You talk like white people have a monopoly on violent crime. Check the prisons, boy, and tell me what you see?

    Now go pick some cotton since its all your good for outside of rape, burglary, assault and shooting each other.

  5. crazyfreeman100

    The princpal said Gunmen was there a third person.

  6. sonicshadowfreak

    Men = more than one man. He was talking about Harris and Klebold, not some third person.

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