The Day Matt Didn’t Go To High School ^^^watch this video first before watching mine! Cade framed me for his firework crime. This is the story about the crazy day I had trying to run from the cops.

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25 responses to “The Day Matt Didn’t Go To High School”

  1. Halleybug36

    lol u musta been bord again jk jk ha

  2. 16IreFo


  3. yennster57

    That “chocolate” river is a sanitary problem if it flows right next to your house.


  4. ilovelovelovefred


  5. dragonhead640

    lol ombama spoke to him….looooooooool

  6. pepper337

    they should have mattg124 and amazingphil do these too…that would be the shiznit

  7. Plerxie

    umm, if you had longer hair you’d be really hot 😀

  8. randomnessrocks08

    =O.. Ompalumpas were flying? lol =P

  9. IHprincess123’re soooo hottttt

  10. ImaginationDreamer16

    wow….ur hott! lol love the story its funny

  11. yearbend2

    you suck at making vids please never make one ever again. thanks.

  12. Beary1123

    A few years ago, two parents went out for dinner. A few hours later, the babysitter was calling to ask if she could cover up the clown statue in the kids’ room, the father said,”Take the kids and get out of the house. We’ll call the police, we don’t have a clown statue.” The “clown statue” is really a killer that escaped from jail. If you don’t post this letter on to 10 videos tonight, the clown will be in your bed at 3:00 am with a chainsaw in his hand;sorry i didnt want that happening to me

  13. singingmc8

    i think u r awesome

  14. xITOXIIKz

    Cool. Although it was rubbish until the flying Ompalumpas came in =]

  15. seann900


  16. amorrilogiico

    I don’t understand u 😛 jajaja.. i SPEAK SPANISH (H

  17. Vyngre

    n 1908 a lady named sally rusa was in the woods looking for a dog until a ghost came and killed her so if ur reading this u will find a bloody body in your closet hanging there haunting you and will kill you and ur family and if u want to stop this just sends this to 6 videos in 30 mins or this will happen good luck!!!

  18. 2emmie2

    oompa loompas are FREAKISH!!!

  19. melinaprince

    i think cade is way hoter!

  20. OhDangSam

    noooot as funny as cades, haha 🙂


    hahaha ilyyy.

  22. Malexis99


  23. ColorFullCutsy

    dam u are HOT!

  24. akkaboseka

    Good Shit Bro …… Keep it up 🙂

  25. CrankUpTheAmps

    Haha…a half a million Oompa Loompas…kinda funny…because if they were taller, maybe there would have been a full million? ;P

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