The Fairy Princess Murder: 1971 TRUE CRIME CASE

Vintage 8mm home movie footage highlights the murder case of 6-year-old Laura Meadows, who was choked to death with her Fairy Princess wand after playing a fairy in her school play.

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26 responses to “The Fairy Princess Murder: 1971 TRUE CRIME CASE”

  1. imafreak313

    well seeing that she is dead, looks like she already has

  2. rainbowfaeries

    nobody kills a fair mother fucker.

  3. Laveticus

    I love the justice of the criminal mind compared to that of the law. A lot of them are not sick and this proves it. They’ve often just had crappy lives or upbringings. They’re like cowboys taking care of people in a harsher way.
    The sickos come from nowhere. It’s thier sick brains. They could hav had a great family and still do these kind of things.

  4. Laveticus

    I feel ya man.
    This hits me hard cause she kinda reminds me of my baby girl.
    But hey, I love what her inmates did with her and wrote on her wall. I’m only upset they didn’t write it with something more permanant.

  5. Gizardofmars

    what a bitch!damn it,that pisses me off…godd:[ that skank Judy desurved to die for what she did to HER 6 YEAR OLD SISTER! she was so little and had soooo much to live for.. like her inmates said “Nobody Kills A Fairy” stupid hoe,burn in hell Judy

  6. DoomPie777

    That’s right! I mean, honestly, those guys don’t take no child murderers, even in prison. So yeah they killed her, and she got what was coming to her.

  7. dgriff1264

    I like all of stutters videos but the ones that have a cool ending like this and the fox fur one are cool. Like this one the inmates kill her with her method and in the fox fur one, after a mother strangles her duaghter with fox fur, when shes in jail, a fox attacks her, i mean how coinciedental

  8. paclac712

    Did This Really Happen?

  9. HallieVanilla4

    oh thats so sad, she was so little!

  10. flowerchildluna

    i thank the inmate that killed her! krama is not such a bitch after all. that poor lovely little girl….

  11. goggleboxy

    This is a shocking case!…I thought it was going to be revealed that the janitor was the killer not the evil sister!!!

  12. AndrewMarron

    that poor little girl.
    for me shocking murders are ones that involve a child as the victim.

  13. kittie6625

    So was Judy the jealous sister that murderd her and who killed Judy? The parents? and how old was Judy when she killed her sister? and who killed Judy?

  14. kittie6625

    i wanna hear the whole story insted of just writeing and video with music can you make a nother fairy princess so that we can be told the story in a normal way?

  15. FunWithStuttering

    It’s all explained in the video if you take time to read it. The other prisoners in prison killed Judy, who was Laura’s older sister.

  16. FunWithStuttering

    This is the whole story. What more do you want? There is really nothing much more to be told.

  17. Addictingfilms99

    Poor Laura but paybacks a Bitch and dats always da case. U kill a Fairy… Demons come and dat happened .

    Nobody Kills A Fairy,
    R.I.P Laura Meadows

  18. Addictingfilms99

    Well Paybacks a Biitch and dat is what happened.
    Nobody Kills A Fairy.
    R.I.P Laura Meadows

  19. kittie6625

    Yes this really did happend this is a true crime case it says and no one would say dirty lies like this about there kids.Inless if there sick but what i dont get i cant read it in papers and insted we get this video with music insted of them telling the story about this sad news thats a really bad crime.

  20. darkkristian22


  21. itsalicia09


    as in years ,,,

    around the 60s and 70s

  22. TheWiccanPath

    I love it – But truth be told – the mother should have got the wand not the sister – if you really look close at the video – The older sister meant nothing to the mom – she was treated as less than – the mother should have paid – not the sister….it sucks I know…

  23. ebonybonbon

    I honestly thought the Janitor killed her when it said “Her body was found in the janitor’s closet” but then when it said her SISTER did it I was like OMG out of jealousy?!!! I mean GOD! If she was jealous, she coulda talked it out with her parents…

  24. stephengatelyfan

    I would never get that jealous over a family member, nor anyone else, that I would want them dead. Murder would certainly be out of the picture for me.

    So, eventually, Judy was killed the same way she murdered her younger sister. I’m guessing that there was many people that was angry with Judy for killing her younger sister, I mean, who wouldn’t be?

    The expression goes ” God don’t like ugly “. ” Also, what goes around, comes around “.

  25. Xaymaicana

    lol 4real. karma is a bitch.

  26. Natalie Simons

    Im very very shocked

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