The School to Prison Pipeline

Of late, we are seeing a spate of articles about kids being ticketed or arrested in and out of school for things like operating a lemonade stand without a license or writing on the desks in class. These are not isolated incidents, but part of a larger system known as the school-to-prison pipeline. 12-year-old arrested or writing on desk: arrested for dropping cke: 5-year-old arrested Powerpoint presentation:

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26 responses to “The School to Prison Pipeline”

  1. marce11o

    Solution? I wouldn’t worry about trying to find a solution until these kinds of events become a part of your reality. Your solution will be unique to you. Not all problems have to be our problems. The news shows you whats going on with other people and a lot of that info is in no way pertinent to must of us- but it is interesting and we like you when you talk 🙂


    Cops shut down little girls lemonade stand HELL SHE COULD BE AL Q? But they print monopoly money while some kid gets dissed on the money dream it is all about money and where is the dream ?

  3. GOTTshua

    I don’t like it either. Home school & demand ethics & accountability for all.

  4. CraftFamilyMO

    That’s just awful… It’s like – we pay the police to get bad guys! Not pick on the good guys! And especially not our kids!!! What, they’ve got nothing better to do? How awful is that?

  5. CraftFamilyMO

    AND it’s just another reason why I’m leaning toward homeschooling my child… So I can teach her without all of this crap that is going on with schools these days. My niece even got in trouble for something as stupid as talking in the bathroom. When I heard about it, my jaw dropped. Seriously? Talking in the bathroom gets you in trouble these days? OMG!

  6. ANGEL1988BABY1

    Homeschooling. My brother is so called “special needs” he is autistic and is doing good with it.

  7. takforalt

    This validates why I left Amerika. land of the brow beaten and home of the enslaved.

  8. SV438384

    Good you’re talking about it and especialy for the outcome of such “educational punisment”! Didn’t know about America yet but in UK police is frequently in schools for all kinds of childish behaviour! Parents just have no time for their childrens cause they are to busy surviving. States are totally involved in families and took it on themselves to raise our children as slaves of this sick society! I wish it was more people like you talking about it! Cheers!

  9. 2minstral

    @2minstral – RT just did a piece on the military industrial complex and the prison system connection. Now THAT needs to go viral!

  10. skyfallpurple

    Yes! Schools should be run by responsible people !! What kind of an idiot call police on juveniles drawing on the desk ?! Thous people should be suspended in their duty My secondary school was enlarged with a military training if i did some thing bad i was force to run few kilometers so after I had no strength to do stupidity. But now i know how to survive defend and make hell for everyone who step on my land without my permission !Fiat lux veritatis!

  11. freddietz96

    The police routinely go after persons who are too young, too old or too poor to defend themselves; this fuels the for-profit corrections industry like nothing else. Judges are likewise in the back pocket of private prison imperialists. However, I will say this in defense of juvy delinquent high schools: if you’re in one, don’t feel bad, as your SAT scores are now likely to be equal (if not better) as they would on the outside.

  12. lexbonell

    watch court game 5 standing in court

  13. ThisIsNotPictureTube

    yeah, you’re right. this is getting way out of hand

  14. MrCombatveteran

    From the age of 12-17 1/2 I was locked up in group homes, children’s detention centers, and prisons for children. My mother did not want me and refused to mother me. I used to get beaten severely. I got a very bad start at life and never got a chance to go to college until I turned 26 and joined the Army. I still struggle with emotional issues because of my bad upbringing and suffer from PTSD now from the war. I can’t seem to stay away from the police, they are constantly in my life.

  15. MrCombatveteran

    @takforalt I’m a veteran and I’m thinking about moving to Canada because America is so fucked up now.

  16. veryhappyincubus

    Global change start at the individual level. We must go to the store and buy a spine and a voice. Together we co-create a better place. Unfortunately, the law of opposites is in effect, we must experience this crap before we realize that we do not want live like this. You and I already know better and don’t need this experience; but, the other blue-pill people do.

  17. adamsmith2011

    Prison » DHS Video Characterizes White Americans as Most Likely Terrorists

    Gentlemen we present to you the White Al-Qaeda, the new tool of NWO

  18. PsychoSpammer

    Kids lemonade stands and girl scout cookies are now illegal operations ~wow what color threat level would homeland security apply to that kind of thing?

  19. DJCallidus

    School is child abuse as far as I’m concerned. The “playground situation” stays with many in the work place. Its not an education so much as a programing for the industrial revolution. Peace

  20. kingkindness

    The info in this video makes me totally pissed off. Get angry, people! Cause as long as you remain calm about such things you are in danger of accepting them.

  21. Paperilintu

    Home school <3

  22. Paperilintu

    Think how much trouble they have to go too to keep us down?

  23. 612curtis

    This makes me so angry. :@ Taking shots at kids? WTF Seriously that cop was properly thick!
    If stuff started like this in my school I would NOT take lightly on it at all.
    A solution needs to be formed.

  24. lunalas

    also, now inmates are being paid .23/hour to assemble parts for Lockheed Martin! The aircraft and weapons manufacturer! Just one big war machine. Not to mention, it drives down the wages for other people if they can get free labor from prisoners. Time to resist peacefully while we still can.

  25. zombee38

    Yes that’s the bottom line ! everyone is a criminal including the children…are we getting prepared for the imposition of martial law yet? It may come fastest than we thought it will specially if the debt budget ceiling it isn’t raised this year…just saying hopefully it will never happen God bless America !

  26. KIRK


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