Them and Us – anti hate crime video

SECTARIAN violence, fire raising, murder and imprisonment are featured in a new hard hitting film created by secondary school pupils to help expel hate crime from Scottish culture. The five minute film was launched today by First Minister Alex Salmond and the Lord Advocate, Frank Mulholland QC. The powerful film, titled ‘Them and Us’, highlights the very serious consequences of engaging in hate crime. The storyline is a boy being put under peer pressure to avenge a sectarian attack on his girlfriend. He sets fire to the door of a house, not realising that there were occupants inside and is imprisoned for murder. The film was written and produced by secondary schoolchildren from Bellshill Academy and Cardinal Newman High School in North Lanarkshire to deliver an anti-sectarian message to their peers across Scotland.

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3 responses to “Them and Us – anti hate crime video”

  1. nachonovo04

    Good quality of filming but the scene where the girl gets battered is unrealistic. The girls make it way too obvious that they are acting.
    Credit to the writers for making the narrator tell it from a neutral perspective – without any mentions of Catholics or Protestants when referring to “them” or “us” – it helps create empathy with the characters withouth alienating either side of the divide.

  2. realmccoy69

    they should make a film about religious segregation in Scotland’s school’s ,the main cause of division /sectarianism here IMO

  3. corriefan123

    when you watch people you know you cringe quite a bit but its well made, there were some ham acting especially the girls trying to hit the girl for example as it looked unrealistic but overall a good educational video.

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