Fighting crime and gangs in Alberta native comm

Hobbema, a once oil rich reserve of 12000 Cree Indians south of Edmonton, Alberta, is struggling to regain control of its community from the grips of violent street gangs. Read more Canada news at

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25 responses to “ Fighting crime and gangs in Alberta native comm”

  1. ladiferente666

    It’s true, but Im saying shame for ALL youth, all Gangbangers in GENERAL,…they are all wasted potential…but its never to late, Never.

  2. ZARKO7871

    This is a lost cause.

  3. chont49

    Indian Posse
    Native Pride !

  4. dundem187


    Uhm…most bikers are well into their 40s & 50s.

    Not all gang bangers are youth.

  5. ladiferente666

    exactly why i seperated youth, from “gangbangers in GENERAL” .


    Fuck that B,
    Niggas like me Want the hustle,
    MOB , Cash rulez


  7. ladiferente666

    I dont support any Racist activity what so EVER, It drives me fucken insane…but you shouldnt refer to yourself as “Nigga” or else makes it alright for other people to bring you down. Be proud of who you are,!

  8. ladiferente666

    BTW I respect your decision to be in whatever MOB, as you refer it. idk what that means, I assume its a gang kind of thing. anyways, do you think you are the better person you have always wanted to be by bieng involved?

  9. Clarkaraoke

    im chuck threefingers, im a fighting man, it’s better life style, fighting is my favorite sport, growing up on louies bull made see that fighting with bare fists is more a warroir path, better then being one with the gun, it just means death, i want make myself stronger so i will never be beaten in a fight ever again, all you other dumb fucks, are gonna die anyways, you will die.

  10. papapumpy


    why don’t you shut the fuck up your fugly aboriginal cunt mouth? fucking prairie nigga huh? dumbfuck

  11. papapumpy

    fucking aboriginal dumbfucks better be put to death. fucking scum bags, buncha packed pussies got nothing on 1 vs 1

  12. bobMcFreddyKrugerson

    @Clarkaraoke dude ill kill you, i can take you on

  13. J0NM0M3AS00

    @chont45 yo fuck indian posse…. BITCH!!!!!!! SOULJAHZ 9.x$x9 haha

  14. LworkRez

    @papapumpy U whites or whatever u are are funny lmao Native pride

  15. LworkRez

    You aint shit without your keyboard LMAO white people kill theyre whole families over stress.. murder suicide Fucks

  16. skexee

    @Minhist ass cream

  17. rippa420

    @LworkRez wagon burner

  18. JuStIn133666

    natives trying to at black is really fucking stupid and making our people look bad, its just a shitty way of expressing themselves and…i just find gang life a shitty way to go, its the type of life style 80% of natives go through and to the small percentage of non-native gang employers GOOD JOB make our people strong again

  19. LworkRez

    @rippa420 lol

  20. AZSAVAGE602

    @papapumpy dam you talk hard as fuck but you dont show your fugly face wussup with that scary ass white you wouldnt say shit in my face lil pussy lil internet badass .hide behind your computer lil fag

  21. lastwhiteman23

    We should give them blankets with aids, that will solve the problem.

  22. ThaHiTmaN911

    @lastwhiteman23 man fuck you for dat one… maybe if you go kill urself dats another problem they could care less about

  23. zachsumthin

    de took my land eh

  24. eviltack

    i can’t wait for the world to end…praise hail satan

  25. Darkwolfhowlslak

    Seriously, the problem here is a complete and total lack of education from some
    responders, those who think they akicitas. You should be emulating the Great Sioux
    Tribes that fought and died for you. Without an education you are lost, and until you
    get your head into that place, do not cause trouble for those who are desperately
    trying to make a better life for themselves and their families. You are Sioux? Act like it, hold your head high. Do not allow others to bring you down, you are better!

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