Today we talk about a break in at our school where they took all of our computers in our library. THANK YOU ALL FOR SUBSCRIBING AND THUMBS UPPING! =D

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4 responses to “THEY TOOK OUR COMPUTERS!”

  1. angandnap

    Ok…I had watched your videos a while ago but then lost track of you guys…we are happy we found you again. Angie and Napoleon

  2. fernandolr217

    I didn’t think Sandra was 2.30 but ain’t she 1.79? I think that’s a bit tall for a girl.

    And I love Skype. :)

  3. miguellingly

    I thought about doing some short videos showing the surroundings of where I live here in Sweden (like, the surroundings of my typical walk to the bus everyday) to be able to show my friends back home but even that I’m not able to do if I see people around. So, props to you. ;)

    P.S.: Maybe if you wear some earbuds people will think you’re video calling someone…!
    Perceptions will change, it happened with that thing called cellphone… (”What? I’ll look stupid talking alone!”).

  4. RCH17560

    we have mac book pros in our school but we can olny use them if the teacher brings them to class :P
    and ALL the teachers got FREE MAC BOOK PROS from the school >.<

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