To Catch a Predator: California Teacher Walter Edward Babst

there’s no mistaking this is a child- here’s a man who has seen her picture and her age but wastes no time before talking dirty- he’s kinky_man_in_corona he says he’s forty and shows bubble beth a picture of his penis on his profile and as you will hear when we read to you some of the chat log he’s making plans for sex with the girl whose profile says she’s twelve BABST: “yes i do want to come over – y – would love to get you naked” DECOY: “4 realz i’ve never done that b4” BABST: “lol well …

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25 responses to “To Catch a Predator: California Teacher Walter Edward Babst”

  1. gavain788

    This guy disgusts me.

  2. imthebryan

    im a sick son of a bitch


  3. TheBillyHatcher

    its always a teacher lmao

  4. nicktubara

    lol yeh she was cute, but in all honesty its only ok if theyre of certain age like 18 and older. she looks about that age …..but you never know. sum gals look much older than they are really.

  5. nicktubara

    LOL soo reminds me of kindergarden cop πŸ˜›

  6. nicktubara

    hehehe yeh, he’s got that over steve jobs eh.

  7. CommanderChet

    You came here… for SAXxX

  8. TheAdamKyleChannel

    That’s my school in two years 0_0 not kidding.

  9. fruitblood

    Be careful, or your teacher might rape you! πŸ˜€

  10. TheAdamKyleChannel

    Danm Right πŸ˜€

  11. LordDrakull2010

    ha aaaaahahahahaha!!! got caught twice, biggest Police-Catching-Criminals of the year!!! Haha

  12. XoXoSakuraKissXoXo

    “…Getting your ass kicked?”
    I LOVE Chris Hansen.

  13. shady9206

    the chick that says he has looked at my butt, and down our shirts is pretty hot HAAHA

  14. kariido1


  15. sebaswildboy

    ’cause im a sick son of a bitch, lolerific

  16. Dawkness23

    my homie king had this dude as a teacher for 2 years, sick fuck

  17. godswiph

    i played soccer games at that high school on saturdays when i was 12!!!! ain’t that a bitch.

  18. 1812vendetta

    14 is legal in 60% Of europe

    15 is 20%

    and remaining 20% is 16+…

  19. 1812vendetta

    She’s not a child…

    I’D HIT IT !..

  20. kaylawashere1

    I LOVE Chris, I love how he is really… I dont know if “sarcastic” is the right word for it, but I love how he talks to these guys, it’s sooo funny

  21. fred75nimmo

    This show is BOO SHIT !!!!

  22. Icarus19911991

    This is kinda scary and makes you think, could any of the teachers you’ve had through the years, or teachers in your school be like this guy?

  23. 387spiral

    how much hair gel did that guy use?

  24. KCNirvanaKC

    Possibly. Quite a big possibility, actually.

  25. KCNirvanaKC

    Not true at all.

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