Tony Blair’s speech at the Lauder School of Government, IDC Herzliya PART 1/2

“Don’t apply rules to the Government of Israel that you would never dream of applying to your own country” Rt. Hon.Tony Blair, Herzliya Forum for Diplomacy, Lauder School of Government, 24 August 2010. On 24 August 2010, Rt. Hon.Tony Blair delivered the keynote address at the distinguished Herzliya Forum for Diplomacy, a foreign policy forum for heads of state and other leaders, at the Lauder School of Diplomacy, Strategy, and Government at IDC-Herzliya, Israel. In his speech, Blair identified the two primary forms of de-legitimization that Israel faces throughout the world and put forth five steps to counter this de-legitimization. Blair argued that The “traditional” and “insidious” forms of de-legitimization are the two forms of de-legitimization that Israel faces. The “traditional” de-legitimization of Israel “is [an] attack from those who openly question Israel’s right to exist. It is easier to deal with, because it is so clear.” The “insidious” form, on the other hand, “is a conscious or often unconscious resistance, sometimes bordering on refusal, to accept Israel has a legitimate point of view.” This form is “harder to spot, harder to anticipate and harder to deal with, because many of those engaging in it, will fiercely deny they are doing so.” Below are a few more notable quotes from Blair’s address at the Lauder School: Rt. Hon. Tony Blair, on strategies to combat the de-legitimization of Israel: 1. “Not to make people agree necessarily with Israel’s point of 

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14 responses to “Tony Blair’s speech at the Lauder School of Government, IDC Herzliya PART 1/2”

  1. pilgrimspath

    Hamas needs to be dealt with….Gaza should be given back to Israel. The “palistians” can move out of Israel into the Arab land of their choice. God has already legitimatized Israel …But the bible says in the last days they would confirm the Covenant and the Abomination of desolation will stand where it aught not…
    what does he mean by de- legitimization?

  2. VSENSE2010


    Well said and written friend.

  3. ConstantC4

    too much lip service for the fact that plo propaganda is rampant in britain up to the point they have MPS report to their voters ho hard they are on israel to appease them. that is the muslim migrant ones in the enclaves.

    and critisicm? Israel faces quite a large and well funded wall of scrutiny I think we stand fairly well to it we have our rights and perverting their names won’t change our stance on them , hopefully.

  4. adrena1ine187

    A great honor indeed.

  5. CentalParkHertzliya

    like! ;)

  6. Gefilta

    No country could be legitimate if put under the scrutiny that Israel is, in its historical creation or current existence.

  7. NahariYehuda

    well said, thank you for this amazing footage!

  8. m0i0d7i

    Since the war in Gaza in Dezember 2008/January 2009 until today USA and UN and Europe allow the israeli army to violate the human rights in palestine. More than 700 innocent palestinians have died in this War in Gaza. Until today they havent released 10.000 palestinian prisoners. The responsible for the human rights have to release these prisoners and to FREE GAZA FREE PALESTINE

  9. m0i0d7i

    Hillary Clinton, Tony Blair and her crew are liars!

    They cant even make laws for theHoly Land of Palestine and they never helped Al-Quds.

    What do you expect from these war criminals

  10. yehudavi

    מישהו יכול לתרגם בבקשה ולהוסיף כתוביות?

  11. rollsthepaul

    Tony is “Mr. Yes sir, no sir, whatever you say sir”. He is totally amoral and that makes him a perfect leader for the European Union. I guess he thought it would improve his image by becoming a Roman Catholic; I think he made the wrong choice.

  12. SydneyBrit

    Biggest CUNT on the planet

  13. m0i0d7i

    USA and England and their allies are responsible for the war in Irak and Afghanistan where more than 2 million people were killed. Those responsible have to be brought to justice before the court of human rights in The Hage for their war crimes and they should have to pay a fine of 3 billiards of Dollars to the Iraki government for the damage they did in this war.

  14. LastHero13

    israil is not a country but a land of crooks, there people should be eliminated from this Earth they dont think rules apply to them kind of like america but then again jews and minorities control america so both nations should be erased from this Earth for peace to be achieved

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