Twilight High School Musical (a parody)

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25 responses to “Twilight High School Musical (a parody)”

  1. designerariana

    lol! i love this! i love twilight too, but this was too funny. I like the part:
    ‘ You brought a snack pack.’
    And she turns around eating pudding haha

  2. danceurselfsilly5150

    hahahah i love this !!!!

  3. hazelxnut3


  4. xovictoriaxo11

    thats funny !

  5. Eevee171

    oh my god this is hilarious!!!

  6. ActressOnTheMove

    What i find funny is that your Edward looks nothing like the original…nd still I love him. I find myself singing these songs randomly.

  7. zaessa

    wthat would be an amazing video

  8. paige086

    halarios!!!!!! i laughed my head off!

  9. majejoh15

    The best dancer is James!! ^^ In the end… he is the onlyest who shakes his head back and forth!!

  10. Mischa180193

    makes me wanna
    ha ha ha


  11. Tenma62

    I really love it, it’s funny and you sing very well ! And Edward is cute πŸ˜‰

    (I’m French, so sorry for my bad english !)

  12. partyschool9

    lmao it’s so funny how random it is but then it still is a really good parody & makes sense
    u are so hilarious girllll all ur impersonation videos are gr8

  13. ILuvJustinBieber971


  14. hakura234


  15. madinthemoon

    Your english was perfect πŸ™‚

  16. Digglesisdead

    “I can see Russia from here!” Okay, I fell out of my chair on that one!

  17. Tenma62

    Merci ! Thank you πŸ™‚

  18. Choxoninia

    xD!!! I love Jacob!! sure sure boy! you’re hot!! 8) xD

  19. jcpc2318

    Yea itvwas fine u got nothing wrong. This vid is hilarious!!! I love it!!! ” I want u so bad I feel it in my thys!!!!!” sooooo funny man!!!!! B

  20. carolmayte7

    Thats great and very funny

  21. VictoriatheNomad


  22. JeanProductions12


  23. jessiehannahstar

    Good job, your English is perfect πŸ™‚

  24. iluvspongetina13

    its funny that she’s reading breaking dawn and she’s bella

  25. Lichterglanz42

    brilliant ! πŸ˜€

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