UN: “Israel knew they were bombing a school”

John Ging, the head of the UN relief and works agency in Gaza, has said Israel were given the GPS and knew the building was a School. “There should be an imediate independent investigation into this” At least 30 people have been killed in northern Gaza after two separate United Nations-run schools came under attack from Israeli forces.

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25 responses to “UN: “Israel knew they were bombing a school””

  1. YousufM24

    Sorry, the right homepage is w w w. ae911truth. org

  2. axiomiser

    the freefall theory has been debunked

    the freefall time of the towers would be 9.2 seconds
    the south tower, whose inner core had already collapsed took around 15 seconds and the north tower 22 seconds

  3. AlexiusComnenos

    As for the “long scheduled inside job”, there has still not been one single person who has come forward as a witness to anything remotely suspicious in all that time.

    And as Axiomiser has pointed out – the freefall theory is bullshit – watch the videos and time them for yourself.

    Your proof of controlled demolition has been debunked – do you have any proof of a long inside job?

  4. YousufM24

    The only thing that is debunked, is that you both work for the zionists. Stop lying! The brainwashing will not help you anymore.

    “The Sun Brings It To Light”
    [Grimm Brothers]

  5. YousufM24

    What a stupid argument.
    WTC 7 is the smoking gun that will be for you up shit creek (without a paddle).
    If anybody see how fast WTC 7 is falling won’t belive the offical story. 911 was an inside job.

  6. AlexiusComnenos

    Kindly explain what was a lie and offer some proof.

  7. AlexiusComnenos

    Kindly offer some facts to back up your claims.

  8. axiomiser

    i am glad that it has been debunked that i work for zionists

    please tell me what was a lie

    brainwashing? i could say the same thing about islam or any religion

  9. YousufM24

    Finally you admitted. I should feel cheap, if I were you.
    Well, its not my idea, hounderts of Profs., Engeneers and Architects tells you that 911 was an inside job. Here on YT you can watch them, but I repeat myself.
    For instance
    Prof. Niels Harrit,
    Prof. Steven Jones,
    Dr. David Ray Griffin,
    Richard Gage (Blueprint For Truth),
    Annie Machon (MI5 Ex-Spy), etc.

    If you watch only one of them, all your answers will be answered. Go now!

  10. AlexiusComnenos

    Kindly explain what i admitted

  11. YousufM24

    Sorry, I have no time to write a over 60 minutes speech here, you can read answers at w w w. ae911truth. org
    Why not reading/watching for yourself?

  12. AlexiusComnenos

    I have read many of the bonkers conspiracy sites.

    Populated by people like yourself who avoid the issues, refuse to back up their claims and resort to insults when their intelligence fails them.

  13. FuneralFragz

    Israel always says they are the US’s only ally in the middle east. I say its the other way around. The US is Israels only ally and the way things are going, Israel will end up with the same bad rap the Nazis got for genocide and ethnic cleansing of the Jews just like the Israelis/Zionist are doing to the Palestinians. When America can no longer support the terrorist group that is the Israeli government and military, they will not be able to continue this hell on earth.

  14. truthhitmanisback

    Black people who are hebrews, Africans , are segregated in Israel. They dont mention this because to them , no one else exists. The world is about THEM. They are racist who quatted the religion and learnt the Herews language in Europe. The Ashkenazi Jews are Turkic Khazars. They converted when the King of the Khazars made it a state religion in AD 740. True Hebrews are supoosed to wait on their God, not wait for the UN to give it to them in 1948. These people are Gentiles.

  15. revamusicgroup

    0:43 thats a M203 grenade crater on the bloddy wall… a radius of 25m all around is the kill zone…. those includes terrorist, insurggents, WOMEN, CHILDREN… what are they thinking

  16. cholent770

    yo wat terrirsts r u talking about

  17. hawk100375

    this hell on earth is caused by hamas and perpetuated by the unrwa. not israel. kinda hard for israeli forces to hold back when hamas keeps lauching rocket attacks.

  18. hawk100375

    why arent you condeming hamas for its tactic of hiding within the innocent population and lauching its attacks.

  19. FuneralFragz

    I dont condemn Hamas because they are the wounded animal backed into a corner with no chance of escape. The Israeli military leaves FAR more bodies in its wake and has no reason for doing so other then ethnic cleansing. That is why I and the REST of the world dont condemn Hamas. I do condemn Israel for its Nazi like imprisonment of the Palestinian people though. Zionist are the same as the Nazi’s…

  20. hawk100375

    they should have no escape because they are nothing more than terrorists that should be captured or killed. israel is not ethnic cleasing either. what would do if under the.constant threat of rocket attacks. israel doesnt deliberately attack civilians lke hamas does. israeli armed forces dont hide behind the civilian population like hamas does. israeli armed forces should go in and destroy hamas a dangerous terrorist organization.

  21. FuneralFragz

    Typical Zionist reply. . Hamas just attacks for no reason? Or is it because the Israeli governement and people are oppressing the Palestinians? Nobody just attacks for no reason. Your inability to feel compassion for the innocent women and children that Israel slays every day is why the world will not save Israel when the time comes. Zionist = Nazi’s pretending to be Jews.

  22. hawk100375

    you talk about the slaying of young palestinians how about the young israelis that are killed by hamas rockets on a daily basis. hamas attacks to further their radical views. they are extremists just like the iranian hardline clerics the taliban and hezbollah. terrorists that should be captured or killed. innocent civilian palestinians would do well to rid themselves of hamas who does nothing more than perpetuate the violence and hatred, as well as undermine the peace process.

  23. FuneralFragz

    “how about the young israelis that are killed by hamas rockets on a daily basis” this is a lie and you know it. No one is buying it, so stop trying to sell it. Israel looses 12 soldiers and in turn it kills 1200 civilians. Your full of shit you zionist Nazi!!!

  24. hawk100375

    you are a complete asshole with no respect for israel or for that matter palastine. pull your head out of your ass and shed the liberal bias that you’ve clearly demonstrated. no I didnt lie and your calling me a nazi. look in the mirror

  25. FuneralFragz

    Zionism = Nazism (different accent) .

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