UPDATE on asian kid beaten up by 7 kids

______ Kids getting arrested : www.youtube.com ______ Friend of the 7 kids : ( can’t find the video anymore ) ______________ Story told by someone who knows them : www.youtube.com _______________ More News On the Kids : www.myfoxchicago.com _______________ Share this video on Twitter, Tumblr, Facebook, Google+! Download the Video! : www.mediafire.com _____________________________________ LINKS: My 2nd Channel : bit.ly Twitter : bit.ly Tumblr: bit.ly Google+ : gplus.to Facebook: on.fb.me T-Shirts: bit.ly Snail Mail: PO Box 216 Mill Neck NY 11765 Related tags : helpless asian man attacked and jumped by 7 others behind school response reaction RE: official leaked original beaten up innocent mugged gang thug clan street fight bully bullying mirror reupload reuploaded hate crime backyard school food

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24 responses to “UPDATE on asian kid beaten up by 7 kids”

  1. JasonRodVlogs

    goood observation about the tall guy. he was hecka nice

  2. ChErRyandChOcOlAt

    @coolcat69ha fuck off 😀

  3. ChErRyandChOcOlAt

    I dont belive that asian guy was in the 20 ppl thing
    cuz the camera holder (the gray hoodi’es gf)
    also made a video saying the same thing, backing her boys up saying that the fob kid had 20 of his friends to beat up the guy with the gray hoodie.
    This is just a scam, meaning that this is a made up plan to protect them , thats why gray hoodie said this:

    I thought lik this XD
    bully: (saying a lie in front of the camera to back up the rumor) 20 ppls huh?!*push*
    fob: wtf, you talking about?

  4. bradicalable

    Watch the full video and pause at 3:08 when the guy in the white hoody turns, convince me that that isnt him..

  5. DPcountsMONEY

    dont get hit

  6. harinder2807

    i watched the video the guy in the grey hood also says ” U F***** UP MY DRUGS !!! ”

  7. autumninspace

    your “buh bye” made me giggle!

  8. SlaughterdaPenguins

    YouTube is my daaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

  9. shimulfmtoronto

    one thing i m highly curious to know //// how is the boy now? how is he doing now? is there any interview taken from the boy/// pls pls pls if any one can let me know

  10. kingxxpurexx

    he can barly speak englishhow can he be in a gang

  11. The420Tokers

    @kingxxpurexx other people who can’t speak english.

  12. mcrfuse

    @kingxxpurexx you don’t need to speak enlish to be in a gang dumb fuck

  13. SuperHark123

    Your gay

  14. DarthMaul866

    nice naruto poster in the backround ;]

  15. heroswag202

    There gonna get fucked by the big dick of the law! lol yup they have it coming to them. Although I did notice that ,, that tall guy was the nice one of the group. Anyway I suggest that next time they have a paintball fight.

  16. Justmyopinionlol

    fuck you for saying “Fobby”. I am genuinely offended.


  17. MrRespectLove

    why are yur cheeks puffed up like that
    did yu jst come back from the dentist hahaha

  18. Cynthetik

    It’s a gang of Asian punks with 2 white kids. I doubt it’s anything racist related.

  19. Cynthetik

    @kingxxpurexx It’s an all asian gang. There’s two white kids in there.

  20. Cynthetik

    By the way, the white kid who barely did anything in the fight was the only kid charged as an adult.

  21. pheaith09

    Yeah! Dance Battle!

  22. chilldog1234567890

    @Cynthetik bull shit, the two aisan guy who beat him up were the only that got charged as adult

  23. MrFourJokers

    asain ppl smell

  24. Bf3pro1

    2:9 i dont like big dicks but im like my

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