Utah Teen Arrested in Alleged School Bombing Plot — News Story

Roy High School Utah Teens Arrested In Alleged School Bombing Plot thoughts Utah teens arrested over alleged school bomb plot thoughts Reports say a Utah high school student bragged to police that he was smarter than the Columbine killers and was plotting with an older student to set off a bomb during a school assembly and escape in a stolen plane according to reports and court documents.A 18 and 16-year-old boy were pulled out of school and arrested after authorities learned of the plot reports say. It was said the students prepared by logging hundreds of hours on flight simulator software on their home computers, and they planned to take a plane at Airport after the bombing reports say.The juvenile hinted at the plan in text messages to a friend, writing that both suspects wanted “revenge on the world” and “we have a plan to get away with it too.”It was said he hinted at the plan by writing “explosives, airport, airplane” and added, “We’re just gonna ‘kill and fly our way to a country that won’t send us back to the US,” according to reports.It was said the juvenile told investigators he was so “fascinated” by the 1999 Columbine High School massacre that he visited the Littleton, Colo., school and interviewed the principal about the shootings that killed 13 people. Authorities said the principal confirmed that the boy made his visit Dec. 12.The teen was being held on 000 bail in jail on suspicion of conspiracy to commit mass destruction. The juvenile was in custody at 

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3 responses to “Utah Teen Arrested in Alleged School Bombing Plot — News Story”

  1. RUDE7706

    He’s smarter hey right dum dummy!!!

  2. MrRedPajamas

    I don’t think he was very smarterer. He couldn’t keep a secret. Loose lips sink ships.

  3. LionHeart67940

    doesnt surprise me not one bit. it is your nature, it is who you are and always have been. even in the 60s u were bombing only black churches it is evident it is in your blood.. rev 2 9 making bombs? timothy mcvay all over again..j dahmer its all the same obsessed with blood only you kill your parents.. unhuman “so easy a caveman can do it” caucasians – cavemen! only beasts do that direct descendant of c colmbus u durty recessive gene dogg.pale face ur so pale and red never white..obidiah 1 8

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