Virginia Tech Massacre – Mass School Shooting Crime Documentary

Virginia Tech Massacre – Mass School Shooting Crime Documentary One year after the United States’ worst mass-shooting, This World investigates why the killer…

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8 responses to “Virginia Tech Massacre – Mass School Shooting Crime Documentary”

  1. erstguut

    Very good doc

  2. Grim Misanthrope

    Devils always act all innocent and ask why.. why.. what drove someone over the edge.. when they know it was their behavior and attitude toward someone that caused them to snap.. listening to this kid’s words.. it should be obvious enough.

  3. Crissy Swinton

    When people tried to tlk to him he didn’t respond. I dnt think people were mean to him I think he had issues

  4. John Doe

    Another low life scum who thought the world owned him something and got fed up with his own miserable life so started killing others..

  5. TheDjazzmetazz

    guncontrol please!

  6. Tony He

    Looks like people don’t like it when their victims fight back.
    Even today, there are those who think they are entitled to destroy other peoples lives through bullying and persecution.
    Not every bullying victim will simply go hang themselves while everyone else laughs.
    Don’t create monsters then complain when they act like monsters.

  7. Tony He

    Tried talking to him? When was the last time youve seen any nonasian try to interact with an asian in school. We’re either shunned, made fun of, gossiped about, or ignored completely. I know because I happen to be asian. I go to a very diverse college in nyc, and no matter how diverse it is, we’re often pushed off to the side or just given the cold shoulder. I tend to interact outside my race. But majority of the time, I’ve seen asians stick to their kind simply because they have no choice.

  8. this5is5a5pen

    he was a korean

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