War Crimes by Israel Part 1

Terrorism Middle East gaza west bank Arab Arabic Palestinian Israel Israeli IDF war crime peace love Intifada Zionism Zionist 1948 occupation seige bombing missiles aparthied Obama America Canada Human rights freedom of speech murder killing shooting American Tax dollars Ehud Olmert Syria lebanon Saudi Arabia Violence rich poor afghanistan Iraq George Bush White Phosphorus Muslim genocide guns tanks Rachel Corrie explosion Children bombs Jews Jewish Judasiam Holy Land Dome the rock Hamas …

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21 responses to “War Crimes by Israel Part 1”

  1. Yemilady

    Rohiya Najjar killed 1/13/09, 37yrs old. may she rest in peace and reunited with her family…Ameen

  2. jedirock

    freespeechnetwork (dot) ning (dot) com

    Standing united to safe guard free speech for every being the whole world wide!!!

  3. zibrahim123

    i hate israel

  4. dwaynepeterzen

    This video was totally startling with revelations…NOT!

  5. djdre94


  6. djdre94

    Fuck Israel is the reason that the whole fucking world hates us I say fuck those bitches and nuke the fuck out of them. Then kick it with the Arabs and get BLLLLLAAAAAAAZZZZZEEEEDDDD!

  7. teacherphysics

    the jews may not be good to all butt they been there for ten thousand years and deserve isreal

  8. ultimateskinsfan

    th jews are responsible for all the worlds problems

  9. persianmetallover91

    isreal ? what is isreal ? Jerusalem was the home of muslims and jews for thousands of yrs b4 zionist toke over. jews are not to blame. its all the zionist fault. but still fuck em all!

  10. TruthUnmasked

    Israelis are the new age Nazis!

  11. TruthUnmasked

    thats a very evil remark. they deserve israel even if costs the blood of thousands women and children. youre a sick man.

  12. tomanyasses

    not all, make better comments more accurate statements

  13. llamaboy10

    This is such bullshit!

  14. GazaBleeds

    Ok prove it!

  15. nobleOrdos

    Hitler had the right idea.

  16. Anna0987654

    Je vous ai envoyé une vidéo instructive concernant comment on construit un génocide. Vous ne la publiez pas ?

  17. Anna0987654

    I send you a vidéo about the way people made a genocid, Why don’t you publish it ?

    It’s on my page.

  18. NorthernFront

    Yes all.. read something and learn instead of sticking your dumb animal face in the zionist tv.

    Thew Jews put up a pretty blonde ACTRESS on TV to give you the nice.. and dumbass’s like you eat it up like fucking animals. Duuurrrrr

    Americans are the dumbest mother fuckers on earth. They will kill their own mothers if the Jews tell them too.

  19. tomanyasses

    some will and there are some very very bad jews

  20. kemooloove

    israel will fall

  21. odokokan

    once again,no word about how kassam rockest from gaza terrorizing inocent israeli civilians and delibritly kiling women and children.and waht about the suicd bombs attacks?in busses and resturanst,SHUTTING A 10 MONTS OLD ABBY IN HER HEAD WITH A SNIPER RIFLE,or gunning down a agrup oif womens in hadera?
    he was taken hostage?cry me a river!if a jew becom ahodtage of an arab 99.99% he is dead!

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