WATCH: Kids BRUTALLY Beat 6 Grader on School Bus While Driver Stands By

WFLA: GULFPORT, FL -Gulfport police recently released surveillance video from a school bus that shows the bus driver’s perspective of a beating earlier this …

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21 responses to “WATCH: Kids BRUTALLY Beat 6 Grader on School Bus While Driver Stands By”

  1. Truefacts77

    Of course they beat him because he was white, your braindead. Just like they beat and killed all of these people because they were white:


    (watch?v=xGV9vE7H7I0) (watch?v=­­7A8dGyn5bbY) (watch?v=D4F8ob9nlfY)

    (watch?v=­­­chsgdnrm2dQ ….There still looking for a motive?Lol)

    (watch?v=Xt5OtC42bpI) (watch?v=­r4y6hVP_mtI …A white pregnant women named Ashley Flourney from Sanford, Florida) (watch?v=TZ_gIhIs3Lo)


  2. Truefacts77

    Slavery ended 148 years ago. Get over it. No whites today did anything like that. And who started slavery? Blacks did, they sold themselves into slavery. It was the African tribal Chief who sold his own tribesmen into slavery.Watch the movie “Amistad.” Blacks are just too dumb to realize this or would rather blame whites today who had nothing to do with it, then blame there ancestors who actually sold them into slavery.

  3. Truefacts77

    Niggers fight in packs because they are too girly and faggy to fight fairly one on one.

  4. mya travis

    @truefacts77 umm can i tell u something nigger is actually racist btw not ALL black people are like this I just hate when people blame the black race saying oh there all ghetto and dumb well all racist need to die god creates everyone different we can’t control our race can we just say funk what’s on the outside and worry about the in if we can just get along this country would be a wonderful place but no btw travyon was defending himself what would u do stand there like a pussy???

  5. Laylani Alva


  6. Laylani Alva

    Yeah, that’s why white people do the same and still get fucked up.

  7. Laylani Alva

    He would of gotten fucked up too. but oh wait nvm he would probably have a gun killed those kids and say “oh I was defending myself” Bitch, fuck outta here.

  8. Laylani Alva

    Bitch, this is not 1888 keep that shit in the pass.

  9. Bobby Owens

    This is exactly what the global elite wants. To create racial tension so they can Divide & Conquer.

  10. FutureLaugh

    shit i wouldnt want to do nothing either, those bullies would beat the shit out of me too!

  11. Truefacts77

    Nope whites fight fairly one on one, niggers fight in packs like bitch ass cowards with no balls or honor. Honorless ball-less chimps. Couldn’t even beat a girl if it was a fair fight. Niggers are nothing but straight up pussies.

  12. Truefacts77

    Look at these poor dumb monkies, they always have to fuck with someone elses ability to learn.They are jealous because they are too stupid to learn. OMG!! there 15 and still on a middle school bus, figures.

  13. Truefacts77

    If this happens to you just pull out a cell phone and play a YouTube video of a teacher teaching something and point it at the violent negro, they will flee for the exits of the bus like a vampire does from sunlight. Education is their kryptonite, lol.

  14. Brenda Beckner

    because trayvon was black and this kid was white and our president is well you know so he wants to turn this country into a racial fight and communnism figure it out we are not important because we are white but the blacks are because they keep bringing up shit that happened in the 1800″s and make people feel bad i don’t feel bad at all it help them come here and e better, all i can say is these people need to get over the crap that happened back then.

  15. ntskl

    Poor white kid got a heavy dose of diversity.

  16. Truefacts77

    Trayvon didn’t defend himself, he was nothing but a nigger thug who waited in the bushes to ambush someone. He had plenty of time to go home as was proven in court. He wanted confrontation because he was a violent nigger who was kicked out of school for fighting.

  17. Truefacts77

    Yeah this is multiculturalism for you, it doesn’t work. Everyone needs to stick with there own kind. You don’t see lions hanging out with zebras and you don’t see rhinos hanging out with lions. There is a reason for that, its called natures design and it increases their chances for survival. We should stop trying to fight natures design.

  18. Truefacts77

    All those people who state that multiculturalism is great should take a look at this video and these:


    (watch?v=xGV9vE7H7I0) (watch?v=­­7A8dGyn5bbY) (watch?v=D4F8ob9nlfY)

    (watch?v=­­­chsgdnrm2dQ ….There still looking for a motive?Lol)

    (watch?v=Xt5OtC42bpI) (watch?v=­r4y6hVP_mtI …A white pregnant women named Ashley Flourney from Sanford, Florida) (watch?v=TZ_gIhIs3Lo)


  19. wiccanman007

    yeah how bout no

  20. Laylani Alva

    You know it’s true so hush, Dismissed. 

  21. Laylani Alva

    You know it’s true so hush, Dismissed.

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