Westerly School Teacher Arrested for Exposing Himself

A local school teacher is arrested on a busy highway, accused of exposing himself to another driver! Andrew Jervis teaches Social Studies at Westerly Middle School. Right now, we’re not sure when or if he’ll return to the school. Right now, school administration is figuring out what to do next.

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25 responses to “Westerly School Teacher Arrested for Exposing Himself”

  1. lvne14

    uhh too bad he was never in the damn highschool you ignorant fucks. its middle school. states it in the video

  2. FueledByStupidity

    you sir, are an ass. he WAS at the middle school, i know that. hes at the high school NOW though. shut your faggot mouth buddy.

  3. Roberto2158

    i go to that school

  4. BlackFunday

    lol my best friend had him as a teacher last year.

  5. xoxGLACiERxox

    lmao. i go to this school. beachcombers team <3. the new social studies teacher on the skates is like a handicap.

  6. redraven45

    Hes my teacher


    hahaha we go to westerly high school but neither of us had him as a teacher. thats so weird haha

  8. AlexanKendall

    that was my cousins last year, she told me about him.

  9. lvne14

    what the hell? im a senior at the fucking high school i know every teacher in both buildings, hes not part of our district anymore. proves how fucking ignorant you prick

  10. FueledByStupidity

    havent seen him around, but i have seen him at the high school. doesnt make you sound intelligent when you say ignorant and fuck multiple times

  11. lvne14

    haha you know nothing. proves that you were one of those outkasts as a child with your little “juggalo” backround in ur profile. this guy isnt in the district. go to the school website and look up both the middle school and high school and look for his name. Jervis.

  12. FueledByStupidity

    ok, few points here.
    1. i do know quite a bit, for example, that you are arrogant and like to talk down to others to make yourself feel better.
    2. i was never and never will be an “outkast”
    3. who are you to judge me, based on a picture i chose for my YOUTUBE BACKGROUND. keyword: YOUTUBE.
    4. you must be in STARS or ACE or something, becuase you obviously cant read. first time, when i posted, i said ive seen him, because i did. i proceeded to say i havent seen him recently, but i had seen him

  13. FueledByStupidity

    so. all in all. youve accomplished nothing. made yourself out to be a complete asshole. and lastly, harassed a person you dont even know, over youtube. kudos to you. maybe ill see you in one of my honors classes. oh wait, no i wont, you couldnt possibly make it into one of those

  14. lvne14

    hahaha ok buddy. if i ever saw you in school i would show you whats up. im not in no ace or fucking star. your a “juggalo” youre too hardcore for school remember? theres no possible way any ICP faggot is in an honors class. shut up

  15. FueledByStupidity

    you’ll show me whats up? im sure you will. im no juggalo, ok, theres a picture on my youtube channel with the hatchetman, big deal. im not a juggalo. i am, in all honors courses, nice try though. i dont see any point in continuing this, im wasting my time.

  16. lvne14

    alright. well ur underclassmen and i just realized that so if anyones wasting time its me. thats why your scared to tell me who you are huh

  17. FueledByStupidity

    scared to tell you? no, far from it. i dont feel the need to tell you who i am, because i hate people like you. i dont want to know your name, i dont want to deal with you in person. k?

  18. lvne14

    bc your a pussy

  19. FueledByStupidity

    wow your soooo cool!!!!! you called me a pussy i cant believe it! im so scared of you! i might not come to school because i might run into you and you might call me other names!!! come on buddy you arent fooling anyone, it doesnt make you look tough. im not trying to act you, im being reasonable. you, are just making yourself look like an ass

  20. lvne14

    alright stop talking theres no use your just gonna hide the rest of your life

  21. Angelaax17

    look at my school being on youtube and all. [:
    beachcombers. x3

  22. EmmRil

    lol i wish I was there!

  23. xxXXemoboyyXXxx

    OMG I go there holy shit

  24. melky28mc

    haha that was a crazy morning in that school. he was jerking it so i here

  25. lilplaya205

    Mister jervis ur my nigga haha i remember in 7th grade were u yell at me haha i always knew u do something like this u crazy fucker

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